Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Bad to Good in One Day

For as badly as today seemed to be going during the first couple hours, I quite enjoyed work. Minus, of course, it being busy at first, and the group of seven or eight teenagers who came into the dining room at literally less than a minute before it would've been closed, but after they were gone and James cleaned up then went home himself, Manoah and I got to talking about usual things, which I have to admit I enjoy, because it's nice having somebody to talk to. Not about anything or special interest, really, but the topics I can remember now were Adam's response to asking him about Fathers' Day (I'll get to that in a bit), if he really does want me to ask Dad if he can keep their pool in our back yard (he'll give me an answer on the weekend), and from him, what he plans to do about going back to school, certain concerns involving James and Cori (he wanted to severely harm one earlier tonight, and says the other is a backstabber), and eventually, as I was expecting just a slight little bit, asked if he could borrow more money. $100 again this time, and I agreed because it only put me down to ~$930, and whenever Naomi gets around to giving me the money I'm still owed, that'll go back up to where it was before again.

Still, that was nothing unusual. I did quite like how he chose to go out for a smoke break at ~12:30, and I followed wanting to keep talking with him. It seemed like we spent no more than ten minutes out there, but when we went back in it was 12:58. I am far less pleased to admit, however, that I got a ride home with them instead of walking, but my shirt was still wet from going to work in the rain, and I wanted to ask Tryphena and her Mom about this lady they hit on Friday anyways. That led to more discussion about Heart and Stroke in general, which I thought would be finished up by the time they pulled into our driveway, but we ended up spending another ten or twenty minutes talking and laughing about other related matters. Normally that would've just been a nice way to end the night, but this time, when I wasn't even out of bed before being angry and out of sorts, it was an awesome and rather spontaneous way to spend an extra half hour almost <3 Apparently Linda (Tryphena and Manoah's Mom) is starting to volunteer in the office tomorrow, so I'm hoping it goes over well and Michele needs me this week so I can say hi to her on Tuesday as well.

Now, as for the bit up there that I said I'd get to later, it is Fathers' Day. Just before leaving to work tonight, I quietly asked everybody if they'd be fine with going to Boston Pizza for supper, and when I got to Adam, he made a comment about not being sure because I wanted to spend more of his money that he needs for some plans he's working out involving Trish. A simple "No" would've been adequate, and as far as I'm concerned that's what he said, because I'm going to pay for the whole meal myself now. Seriously, I enjoyed the feeling of being responsible for the evening out on Mothers' Day, and I still don't know what to get for Dad, so supper could act as that. Well, supper, as well as a cake and a loaf of bread, but the latter two will be a bit more tricky. For the first, I was completely serious about not giving Giant Tiger any more of my business. Not even having somebody go there to get something for me, so getting the cake mix and other required ingredients might be tricker this year. Still, Dollarama should have the chocolate bars, and I can see finding the rest of the stuff at Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore, and possibly Food Basics. Besides, there's something special about the idea of walking out to near the place we'll be having supper at for something else I need for the same night <3 As for the loaf of bread, all I'm worried about with it is timing things so the machine is just finishing its cycle when we get home. As for the rest, I'm still a bit worried that it'll be too late to make reservations there, but I'll work that out tomorrow, even if I have to call home from work then phone the reservations in at the same time. I can be responsible. Just give me a chance to show it.

As much as I'm enjoying this now though, I can't afford to stay up too much later tonight just in case I'm needed at Heart and Stroke this week. And I also have a supper shift tomorrow, which I'd rather not be ready to fall asleep all throughout. Sounds like somebody's out in the hallway now too, so I'm off to see if it's Adam~

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