Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Wouldn't Be So Simple

The last thing I did before laying down in bed last night was going downstairs to leave Adam a note on the computer there. It was my quickest and most discreet way of finding out if he still wanted to come with us for supper on Fathers' Day if I paid for everybody. The response he left was to the effect of how Trish will be here staying with us by then, so that might hamper my plans. It certainly would, so before leaving for work I asked Naomi for her email address, and a few minutes ago sent a message asking if she'd be interested in coming along as well, my treat. Only after that did I have the thought to check the file again, and saw an addition he'd made about how she doesn't have an internet connection at the moment, so I added on another note of my own to ask if he'd be able to call and ask her, so with any luck I'll have an answer to that question tomorrow. Honestly, I would like for them to come along with us. If so I'd have to impose, say a $30 limit for everybody, but it'd be worth it, as I still want to take Dad out for supper, and to my mind there's no point if somebody ends up staying at home. Also, I'm thoroughly uncomfortable with the thought of going out with just him and Mom, but if there's anything to be expected, it's that.

It's also curious to hear she'll be coming up to visit sometime this month. There's a rather large "Welcome to Canada!" poster thing on the washing machine down in the basement, but I thought it wouldn't be getting used for some time yet. Ah well. If nothing else I'm looking forward to meeting this mystery woman, although at the moment I can imagine our first time seeing each other being when we exchange quick hellos as I'm heading out the door to work. More immediately though, I have a walk tomorrow night to concern myself with. Yesterday at work, James asked if I was able to burn ISOs, and when told yes, asked if I could burn an XP CD for him. Almost like Manoah, but I did, and then he ended up not working tonight, but tomorrow instead which I have off, but I could do with a short walk before or after getting to the dishes, and that way I also don't have the CD sitting here until the weekend. Having the day off is what I'm really looking forward to though, because I had a rather lovely thought earlier tonight, being that I could continue doing exactly what I was at the moment for however long I wished to afterward, as I have nothing to wake up for tomorrow. Michele doesn't need me for the third or fourth week in a row, and I can think of nothing I'd like to do more than go back to watching more of DS9 season 7 after this, because things finally seem to be going well again, and I'm hoping they stay on that course. Some adversity is nice, but every so often it's better to see things go right for a change <3

As for more usual stuff, all that comes to mind right now is work, and today it was alright. I really like getting put on supper shifts with managers who more or less leave me to my own business, as in such cases, when it isn't busy I try to get stuff done for the closers, and tonight was no different. Unfortunately, the new promotion started today, and to sum up my feelings about that quickly, I don't like it. The items being promoted aren't anything new (gordita crunches), but the fact that we went through at least four packages of the flatbread today, when two a night used to be uncommon, was rather unsettling, and after about 10 I started getting tired and lost all will to be up front making food by myself. Thankfully there were a few unusual things that happened, such as somebody in drive through giving Orlando a counterfeit $20 bill (I've always disliked people who pay for orders under five dollars with a twenty dollar bill, but now have a new reason) and having to call the police so they could have somebody pick it up, and other things that don't come to mind right now, but overall I'm glad to be home with the knowledge that I don't have to be back there until Wednesday. If I say any more I'm going to start repeating myself though, so I'll be off to bed now. I'm definitely sleeping in tomorrow~

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