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What do you most like about TF stories?

Documentation of transforming into the thing, in this case animal, that you idolize. I've actually read very few stories like that at all, and can remember only a few scant details of the one most recent, but at any rate, I like (the idea of) them for describing in detail the changes (less physical in the case of your stories, but the emotional side seems far more potent and open to exploring the inner workings of) involved in the transformation. More or less, describing in detail changing into something tremendously important to one's self. I like that <3

This is going to sound a bit vain, but which of my stories did you like the best, and why do you want to commission me?

To be completely honest, I have as yet only skimmed through the "Crimson Snow" story linked on Furbid. Most of the time I try not to use already finished work as a reference for something of my own, but if you absolutely require an answer to that question, I'll read that story and some of the others. The alternative is for me to give you a general idea of how I want the story to go, with plenty of room for you to tweak things and such, but I'll await your response to that for now. As for why I wanted to commission you, it depends how you're asking. In one case, it's because you responded to my message (I am not fussy ^^;), but if you're asking why I wanted to buy the commission on Furbid itself, that'd be pretty much the same as my answer to the first question. Transforming into one's fursona strikes me as a profound and intimate change, and I want a story that encompasses the same emotions of my own <3

If you'd like your story set in the world of an existing story of mine or my mate's, or if you have any ideas already for how it should go, those would be useful also

See above. I'm not so sure about the world, but with the other guy ahead of me right now, I could probably come up with a rough layout.

Beyond that, I'll need to know a little about yourself and your fursona

This is a little complicated. The only way you might say I have a fursona is to look at the picture up next to the entry info here, or at my commissions (link will be provided in a bit). Even then, however, I consider that figure and I to be the same person, minus minor cosmetic differences. If you'll indulge me, take a look at the image over here. Switch out the dirty shirt (I'm still embarrassed about that) and the arm warmers (they're only for winter), and that's me on a typical day. Aside from when I'm at work or off doing volunteer stuff, I'm always seen with a tail and ears, and, now that it's warming up to the point where I can't comfortably walk home with a shirt on, show off my tattoo to whoever else is out walking or driving around really early in the morning. Ergo, to my mind, I don't have a fursona. It doesn't feel right to think otherwise. In any case though, that's definitely something about myself, but there's still a fair bit more to elaborate on.

While I'm on the topic of walking around outside though, I do so in nothing but pants and a t-shirt all year round, even in the winter which wasn't that way before. Going back two or three years, I used to put a jacket on before going outside at the slightest sign of cold, but the next winter noticed I'd always be uncomfortably warm upon getting to work or wherever else I was headed, so I decided to do away with the jacket, and since then have earned too many remarks to count from my coworkers and other people about how I'm crazy for walking in the cold with nothing but a t-shirt on, despite my saying I feel fine. There are, of course, exceptions to that as well, such as when it's cold out but rain ends up falling instead of snow. I also make it a point to wear those arm warmers when it gets below -20°C, but that's about half for protection, and the other half because they don't get used otherwise. Secondly with things changed in the past couple years, I started going out with my tail and ears about the same amount of time ago. Before that I was too self-conscious about going outside like that, instead just going about the house when everyone else was asleep, so you could use that in the story in the same fashion. Think of a meek attitude accompanying the initial change and going to some lengths to hide, but eventually going out for a walk with a friend who shortly after that moved away for school (something that happened in real life as well), and not feeling nearly so embarrassed afterward.

Friends are another thing too. I've lost count of how may times I've said it thus far, but a couple years ago, I had a decently-sized handful of people I thought of as friends. Thing is, I only had them on my MSN list, as they all lived out of town or in the states, and I talked to only two or three of them on a regular basis. Eventually I decided there was no point to keeping people on there that I hadn't talked to in at least a month, which left me with a coworker and other friend that I eventually drifted away from in the same fashion as the others. Sounds sad, I know, but stay with me on this. After realizing I could just as easily email the rest of the people in the event I had something to tell them or whatever, I uninstalled MSN (Pidgin technically), and more time passed after that, leading up to today. I have a small group of trusted friends (three, four when we're scheduled to work the same shifts), and the rest of the people I know, such as some random guy who has twice now insisted on filming an impromptu interview of me to put on Youtube are, to my mind, acquaintances. I know them, but not well enough to say they're my friends, and overall I like it that way. A small group is better than a collection of ten or more people who I only see once in a while :B

Also, since I didn't think to fit it into the above paragraph before, my preference of weather is the complete opposite of what most people like. I prefer cloudy, overcast conditions with rain, snow, or any other combination of the two where possible. Not so much when I'm on the way to work, but in one notable case from about a year ago, I took a ~10km route home in the pouring rain just to enjoy it. Purchased a hell of a lot of donuts on that walk, as I recall, but yeah. I love poor, dismal weather ^^

Oh, and speaking of which, fursona or not, species: snow leopard. Just in case you hadn't gathered that. Anyways, I keep to myself alot for one. Wikipedia would describe me a different way, but regardless of what they say, I find there are two sides to me. One comes into play when I'm at work or otherwise in direct contact with other people. In such cases, I'm amicable and friendly, and just what you'd expect of somebody who's in a good mood. However, in all other cases cases, as noted above, I keep to myself, right up to the point of being reclusive. I strongly prefer to be on my own, and you might even go so far as to call me a misanthrope, but one way or the other, in public, I'm generally pleasant and outgoing, whereas in private, I keep to myself and don't like to be bothered.

Now, if I haven't scared you off yet, the first time I went to a furmeet, my ride asked what my species was, and when told said "Oh, I hear they tend to be elitists." That's definitely true in my case. It wouldn't surprise me if you can't work that into the whole story, but would still appreciate it having some part, as it's one of the biggest factors in who I am. Bearing that in mind, there is something that might help you. I was filling out a profile form for an old LJ community, and in the species field decided to specify "snow leopard" entirely because it sounded like a cool animal. As time passed after that though, I started to notice little things that confirmed it, so yeah. You might say "I've always fantasized about being an animal, but as much as I tried to pick the right one for myself, it ended up picking me". Also, if you can / want to use it anywhere, I had previously "allied" myself with dragons.

Moving on now, I'll note that I'm 26 years old, and then will jump to physical characteristics to say I'm on the skinny side (~180lbs) and fairly tall (at least 6'3") in case you need those details too. I always wear jeans and a t-shirt, as well as my tail and ears as previously noted, and usually bring my PSP along on walks to wherever to listen to music. It's more on the physical side, but since I just had the thought, that could be placed into the story as well by saying something like "One day I woke up, went to listen to some music, and found I couldn't hear it anymore" then "but eventually somebody pointed out / I noticed the ears on top of my head". I usually don't shower or spend more than a couple minutes at a time in the bathroom until the very end of the night, so other people would be more likely to notice such a difference before I did.

As for other emotional characteristics, I'm very protective of people who are close to me. Really only my family, but the thing is, it's not something I would show until the need arose. I dislike them enough at times for stalling to pay their share of the monthly internet cost, but on the other hand, if somebody was threatening or extorting money from them (not that I do :s), I would make it my business to learn the specifics of the situation, and possibly get that person to back off or reconsider their stance. Also, I care very little for other peoples' opinion of me. Either we get along or agree to disagree - it's not worth my time making sure we're always on good terms or they think and speak well of me. It isn't really thinking I'm better than them though. More an off to the side displacement instead of feeling that I'm better than anybody else. I can be very particular about the way things are done, and in the case of work often prefer to be left on my own to ensure my tasks are completed to my standards, which are usually higher than the norm. I suppose it's a combination of being obsessive-compulsive and a perfectionist, but don't want to sound too fussy or particular.

Finally on this topic, I make my own rules, or augment those set out by other people to meet my needs. That's obviously not true in all cases, because I couldn't, say, steal money from work and tell them "I need this more than you do, so you'll just have to deal with it", but just prefer what works best for me instead of what other people follow.

What name I should call you in the story?

"Karadur" or "Kar" for short, but I'd prefer the latter to be used only in a passing manner, and not as a given name. I would also give you my real name, but the only people who use it are my family and coworkers, along with the fact that I only give it out when absolutely necessary. So let's say that if you do want it, you'll have to check the payment receipt from Paypal when I send the money. Still though, I'd prefer it not to be used, or perhaps right near the beginning of the story somewhere in a "Hey, my name's D... Karadur." context.

And if you've got a FurAffinity or DeviantArt page, or a public blog / journal anywhere, those would also be helpful.

You're reading one of my LJ entries right now, for starters <3 The rest can be accessed simply by taking "487944.html" off the end of the URL. I also have a Twitter account over here, a small gallery of commissions here (the middle image in the top row is best if you need visual reference), and a comment history on Reddit, but you'll have to let me know if you want the link for that, as I haven't posted anything on there in a while. You can also find links to my StumbleUpon, Furcode, and 4shared profiles in my profile on this site.

Feel free to say anything else that you think would help!

In no particular order, I rarely ever use profanity. There are a few exceptions, but only very rarely and where no other word gives the emphasis I'm after. Second, I don't believe in any religion, but do subscribe to the theory that there is some like force at work in the world. Certain things have happened too many times in the past for them to be coincidence, but there's no other passable explanation. I do believe in kismet and karma to a degree as well, but only when I can say with some certainty that they've had an effect on the outcome of something. For example, I've learned that the more I anticipate some event or special day, the more likely something will be to happen that ruins it. Looking forward to going out for lunch on Easter (a family tradition), let's say. One year couldn't stop thinking about it for almost a week, and the same day we were to go came down with a cold. Eating bacon with a sore throat isn't fun, but I doubt you care about that ^^; Lastly, my sexuality is my business alone. I am male, but beyond that the best I could say if you plan to stick it somewhere in the story is "Single, not looking." I don't imagine that would have much place anyways, but once again, it's there in case you need it.

Many thanks in advance! (And that sounds like a rather LotR-ish name you have there ... is that a sign that you'd like your story to be set in a fantasy world, like Draco Dormiens was?)

Well, the closest I get to fantasy nowadays is listening to The Chronicles of Narnia audiobooks and playing certain videogames, so I don't think so ^^; I picture myself as being a "real world, disjointed" type, but for the sake of the story, real will be fine. As for the name, I actually did take it from a fantasy book, and it's stuck with me for quite a long time. That's all there is to it though~

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