Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Fathers' Day is All Set

That'll do it. Just got off the phone with Boston Pizza, where I made reservations for 6pm on the 20th. Looking at their hours I might have been able to call last night to do the same thing (they were open 'till 1am), but regardless, now I only have to worry about having enough money for seven people. And also going out either tomorrow or Friday for cake ingredients, and thereafter, finding a time to make the cake without Dad noticing. I'm thinking it'd be better to ask Melissa for the 19th off as well, so I can go down and bake it at 2 or 3 in the morning, but it's more than likely too late for that. Oh well. With Mom's help, I should at least be able to work something out to keep him upstairs until I'm done. At the moment though I'm only looking forward to getting out tomorrow and picking up the stuff for cake. One notable difference this time is that I plan to get both chocolate and caramel syrup, and might also freeze a package of peanut butter cups to crush and put on it. I like this whole "variations on a theme" idea as a means of cooking, or, in my case, baking <3

Still that is pretty much the only interesting thing I have going on at the moment. Work later tonight won't be anything special, although for some reason I'm a bit unsettled at the thought of closing with George again. Probably just from certain reservations both he and I have about the position I'm on most frequently these days, and last time we worked a close he didn't seem very concerned at all about the things I'm thinking of. I suppose in the end I'll just take what comes and keep reminding myself that I have two days off after tonight. Of course, after those two days I go right back to more closes with him, but come what may. Manoah's supposed to be giving me an answer about his pool on Saturday (as to whether or not he wants me to ask Dad if they can store it in our back yard), and I'm sure other incidental points of interest will come up when those nights get here. For right now though, I am most interested in walking a longer way home without a shirt on, and finally getting to all the things I planned on doing with my day off yesterday night, as I ended up spending the latter couple hours figuring out what details to supply for a new commission, then reasoning that I should go to bed early, which was a bit annoying in the end, but it's done with now.

In other interesting news, I think Trish and her daughter will be arriving by the end of the week, as yesterday afternoon Mom asked if I wanted to write something of my own in their "Welcome to Canada" card, and I still haven't only because I don't know them outside of their names and voices. That's probably kind of petty too, but if you want to get to know me, let's talk when you get here. I still don't know how long they'll be staying for (one would assume a week at least), but no matter what, there should be enough time to fit that in somewhere. On a completely different topic, I hope what Steve said is right and we get GST checks tomorrow. On top of the foodstuffs I need out at Dollarama and Walmart, I still want to buy Super Mario Galaxy 2, and will need approximately $40 for the commission mentioned above, as long as the seller doesn't deem my request unreasonable. Also, if not for all those things, then for Manoah paying me back. The conditions we agreed upon when I gave him the most recent $100 were that he'd pay that back this week if we got the checks, and when we get paid next week if not. I'd like a little extra money <3

Anyways though, I have other things to do right now, and can't think of anything else to say yet. Time to go get my laundry~

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