Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Shift Versus Three

This is another case where I wish my dreams could be real. One I had last night depicted me at work, looking over the schedule. I was set to work an 8-close shift on Saturday, as I really do have tomorrow, but in the dream had the next three days off, when in reality I work Sunday and Monday as well, then have Tuesday off. I hope it won't be too bad, as George is the closing manager all three nights and he's much less stringent after 11, but that depends on if it's as busy as Wednesday night, and if so Tuesday will be a long time coming. At least I can look forward to getting my pay stub then though. We're into the months now where our vacation pay should be coming up very shortly, and at the moment I have ~$400 in that. Obviously I'd really appreciate getting it this week, but I have a little extra money already, after getting a "Tax Adjustment Benefit" (or something like that) check for exactly $100. It was tucked away into my checking account earlier this afternoon, immediately followed by spending $20 on more snacks.

My plans at first were to visit Shoppers only, but after leaving Taco Bell, I started thinking I should go to Bulk Barn for some more Combos. Three packages of them as well as a box of little chocolate sticks, and from Shoppers, two cases of pop, one root beer, one Pepsi, and a Fathers' Day card. I would've ended up spending less if I hadn't pointed out how the cashier forgot to scan the card, but she would've noticed eventually even if I hadn't, so yeah. Ran into Steve at about the same time too, and he asked me if I wanted a ride home, which I declined. Seemed reasonable at the time, because he was dressed for work so I assumed he was on his way there, but carrying two cases of pop for any longer than 5 minutes (without any prior preparation) is not a pleasant experience. I had a scowl on my face from the bridge all the way to the house, which caused me to miss acknowledging a couple girls leaving Tim Hortons who said "Nice outfit", and smirking at another group of kids back up the street a little way (next to the bank), one of whom said "He'll hiss at you". If I get really angry at work, I look at whatever's causing the anger and make a noise comparable to hissing, but I like to think myself indifferent enough about most other things to do that.

Otherwise it was worth it though, and I just may go there again before work tomorrow for a case of Canada Dry and another Pepsi if funds permit. Why not stock up right now? Naomi made a point by saying she thought I didn't like pop, but one can every once in a while is a nice treat, and shouldn't be enough to cause any harm. I just worry about walking home again, but I have a feeling George would more than likely be willing to give me a ride, and on the off chance he didn't want to, I could ask Orlando's help in carrying one case up until we part ways. I could go log into EasyWeb and get a definite answer right now, but if I do that I won't be writing this, and at the moment my mind is looking for any excuse to say "Screw it. Just go to bed for tonight and take care of the rest tomorrow afternoon."

Overall I'd say this has been a fun day off though. Things were getting a bit monotonous earlier tonight, but as soon as they started giving me a headache I switched over to cleaning up my desktop again and performing my monthly backup of everything important, eventually leading to a small remaining assortment of files, and a new desktop and visual style, as seen here. I don't know how long I'll stick with that for, but it beats the black on black I was using previously, and the filenames being somewhat more consistent gives a nice look to it as well <3 As for other tidbits and whatnot, there are none right now. I'm tired and ready to go to bed, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. I was half an hour late last night, so being done right now without taking the time to do other things should help me get a better sleep. We'll see~

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