Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Still too Early for This

There is no one word to describe exactly how tonight went. Right from the start, I decided not to get more pop, because the two cases I have should last for long enough, and assuming I get paid $400 this week, my money will be stretched extremely thinly. Not a big deal though, because with the heat I wouldn't have wanted to continue on to Shoppers anyways. The Weather Network gave the temperature outside as thirty degrees celsius, forty with the humidity, and that is, as I said on Twitter, bloody ridiculous. I love my (somewhat) atypical adjectives <3 Anyways though, yeah. Temperatures near what I'd expect to see in August out, and I walked to work no different than any other night. Maybe a bit slower than normal, because there was scarcely any wind to speak of as well, and I wanted to keep my sweating to a minimum. Things may have become better at work if I'd decided to sit down in the dining room because the air conditioning was finally fixed, but no, I opted to go outside, because there were a bunch of people inside, and ever since resting out by the trees I've found I enjoy my relative privacy and some quiet before starting work. On any other night that would've been fine, but going back to the temperatures once again, I sat there for at least ten minutes before I started not to cool down, but to dry off. Thankfully I was somewhat more comfortable by the time I had to go in, but it had better be nicer tomorrow, and by nicer I mean I'd like to see snow and overcast skies, but will settle for a strong breeze and plenty of clouds to block out the sun.

Actual work didn't get much better either, because I felt for most of the night like I was going to fall asleep, and at a couple different points like I couldn't possibly work for even another minute. I still couldn't say exactly how I made it through, but with the non-stop busyness and wanting nothing more than to be at home on my bed, it took forever, and I just may have the chance to repeat the night again next weekend. The new schedule went up yesterday, as it usually does, so I checked it tonight and found that I had no shifts for the next week. From this coming Tuesday to the same day a week later, my line was completely blank. I pointed it out to James who showed Sheila, and she wrote me in to close on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and I have to say that decision makes sense, because otherwise there are too few people closing or, in the case of Wednesday, George all on his own. I still have hopes that Melissa will fix things up a different way though, because I really don't want to close on Saturday and have to rush home to make Dad's cake. I'd sooner put it together on Thursday and store it in the basement fridge until the 20th. That isn't a half-bad idea, actually... Oh, and as if all of that wasn't enough, George broke the hose on the sink again. Well, as far as I know he hasn't broken it before, but this certainly won't be the first time something's happened to it.

As for topics outside of work, a curious thing happened when I went downstairs for cereal much earlier today. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen talking, and when I walked in, asked if I was hot. Their next statement was how they were surprised I hadn't purchased a small air conditioner for my room yet. I said I couldn't because my bed was in front of the window, but if you're giving me permission, tacit as it may be, then I'll definitely have to give that more consideration. There is of course no reason I can't survive with my fans alone, but an air conditioner would be alot nicer. Then immediately after that they said the mattress in the spare room would, at some point, have to be brought downstairs to the living room, so I did that all on my own, leaving the spare room looking quite a mess, and came home to possible signs of somebody having been in there since. The closet door is ajar, but I could just as easily have done that if the mattress caught on the door knob as I was dragging it out. Regardless, sometime soon (hopefully on Tuesday), I'll have to go in there and organize things again. Put the sheets, mine included, into the appropriate cupboard and whatnot else.

No time for that right now though. I can't stay awake much longer, and hopefully tonight with my big fan on will wake up feeling more rested than I did this morning. It's a bit cliched to say, but every 24 that pass by bring me a day closer to winter and pleasant weather <3 That or spring conditions with thunderstorms. I could go for a week solid of those too~

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