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Planning the Summer Already

I feel like dividing this entry into sections, since I haven't done that in a while <3 Will try to write them in chronological order too, as that would be easiest.

Possible Vacation, and Another Question Answered]
When I first went downstairs this morning, Mom asked me to grab some sheets for the mattress I dragged down to the living room yesterday from the spare room, so hoping to drive the conversation a certain way, asked why. They are, of course, for Trish to sleep on (which I find funny, because it goes without saying that Adam will sleep in the living room as well for however long she's here, leaving his room empty), so getting closer to where I'd hoped, asked when she would be here. "Tuesday" was her answer, so I like the timing there. My first day off for this week, and the one I have many plans for now is when she'll be arriving. Oh well. I would imagine she'll be around when I wash dishes so I'll at least get to see her. Also though, she (Mom) went on to ask another question. If I, in July, would be interested in going to Niagara Falls with them. Is this a full-out family vacation, or something Adam and Trish want to do as a means of having a romantic place to propose to each other, or is there another possibility I'm missing? If it's something Adam and Trish want, then yeah, I'll probably go because that's important and I don't want to disappoint anybody, but otherwise, I quite like the idea of being here on my own for a couple days. Even if I do have to work, I would enjoy having the house to myself and messing up the cats' eating habits for a few nights. I obviously still have some details to ask for, but it's an interesting prospect one way or the other. Oh, and as an aside on this topic of upcoming events, Naomi's graduation is taking place this Saturday. In the morning from what I'm told, so I will almost certainly not be attending. If, however, Melissa works things out so that I have Saturday off, I might consider it. "Might" in the sense that I'll ask Naomi if she wants me to go and make a decision from there, but yeah. I'm feeling a little more generous lately, and this is one way to show it <3

Plans to Figure Out This Week]
I've already sent an email to Michele along these lines, but even if she wants me to come in this week, there's no way I can on Tuesday. I would, by the end of the day, like to have gone to work to speak with Melissa about the schedule, Money Mart to become slightly more irate about how I'm still being charged $15 a month (monthly fee was withdrawn just earlier today), Value Village to get a new t-shirt and pair of pants, and then home to wash dishes and finally kick back and enjoy the few hours of my day off that are left. Everything regarding those is pretty straightforward, but then for Thursday, that's when I'll be going to Heart and Stroke if they need me, as already noted, and after that we have groceries to get, and I'll have another visit to make to Dollarama, because when I was there getting Skor bars for Dad's cake, I happened to notice boxes of chocolate covered maraschino cherries for $2 each. Bought one then, but I want a couple more now ^^ I'll most likely walk home after that too, in order to get money for Dad's card and to stop for some water and a quick chat with whoever's at work, then will, for the second time in a row, be left with only the latter part of the evening and night to enjoy my second day off this week with. I am far more pleased about money now though, but that's a different topic.

Forgetfulness is a Good Thing]
Referring to my previous entry for a bit, I said as far as I could tell, money would be extremely tight for the next couple weeks. By my calculations I'd have ten dollars (give or take) to spare until our next pay, but then at work tonight something Manoah was saying reminded me that he owes me $100. Not sure if he'd forgotten as well, but it completely slipped my mind this time, so needless to say I was in a much better mood after realizing that <3 Still though, this is the way I'm seeing things. From the start, I have ~$930 in my account right now, and I hope to be paid at least $400, which would bring me up to $1,330. Add to that the $100 Manoah owes me to get $1,430, and then the expenses come into play. Straight away, I plan to transfer $100 into my savings account, and either before or after that will be withdrawing the same amount from the bank. $30 for gas, $60 for Dad's card, and the remainder for me to eventually spend at Dollarama. After that I'll also be bringing $200 to Boston Pizza (cash, because I can just see it going that I plan to pay with my debit card only to have it not work), and spending hopefully $30 at most at Value Village on Tuesday. Adding all those expenses together gives a total of $430, leaving seventy out of five hundred. Not all bad, I guess, but to use a figure of speech, Fathers' Day is going to kill me. I'm so glad this is only a once a year occurrence. His birthday was not too long ago though, and it breezed by without anybody saying much, so I'd like to make up for that on Sunday as well if possible. I suppose small consolation is that Adam will be giving me $10 for the internet in a couple weeks, and by that point Naomi will owe me $50, so I'll be getting a bit back from there too, but yeah.

Anyways, since I still need to have something outside the cuts, I'll start with an interesting story Manoah told us tonight. His Mom's birthday is coming up this weekend I think, so first of all he wanted to get her a special cake. One that's perfectly square, apparently, but regardless of the shape, he had a friend who I presume runs some sort of bakery do that for him. The total price, just for a simple cake? $70. Well, I would hope it's not too simple, because for that price there'd better be really fancy decorations or something, but that's unbelievable. Even better though was what he said regarding Sheila. Some night last week when their Mom had come to pick them up, it being her birthday soon was brought up, and Sheila got pouty in an instant and asked Linda (their Mom, once again) why she hadn't been invited. In the end Linda said she was welcome to come, but I can't believe that. I know I can't very well impose my opinion on her, but under no circumstances (unless you have a special gift or something) should you ever invite yourself to that sort of event. Yeah, it would've been worse if she'd just showed up, and it's Linda's decision in the end, but honestly... What circumstances or desire could possibly lead anybody to do that?

Whatever. I'm off to take my supper dishes downstairs and play Be-Pachi Music 'till 6. As long as I don't sit here too much longer, that is~

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