Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now I Understand the Delay

The first few times I woke up this morning, it seemed odd that Michele hadn't responded to my email yet. Usually she does around 8am, but I figured she might be out of the office or something, and if so I'd try calling them later to ask about coming in. Skip ahead to ~2pm when I finally did get out of bed though, and I found this brief response waiting for me:

You’re right summer is nearing and therefore take it off. Lay back, enjoy the time away and see you in September. Thank you.

Yeah. Just earlier I was thinking of emailing her back to say "You say that like I've been working hard for the past month ^^;" and "But alright then, I'll see you in September", but I didn't, of course, although that doesn't change much. That's exactly what I asked for, and towards the title of this entry, she must've been asking everybody else if they had any work for me to do. Wouldn't be a surprise, but now, as she says (at least for the next couple hours), I can lay back and relax knowing that I'm done for a couple months. It is a bit of a disappointment that I'll have to wait even longer to see Manoah and Tryphena's Mom there, but I'm not getting all sentimental over that when I'll see her just as often at work throughout July and August. Possibly even tomorrow if I'm lucky, but I won't say any more about my plans because then I'll just end up not going and that won't do. Not that I wouldn't like to stay home because it's supposed to rain later in the evening, but if it does, I'll get wet and hope I'm on my way home from Value Village already. They probably wouldn't be too excited to see me trying on clothes when I'm still dripping wet, after all.

That aside though, something interesting happened at work tonight. One of the customers that came into the dining room and ate there ordered more food twice, and the second time, got to talking to me which was bad timing because I'd just run out of sauce but didn't want to take off and get more lest I seem rude. I think the first thing he said had to do with the song playing on the radio, because he mentioned some artist's name, and how she wrote a song about Chatham, then completely switched gears into telling me about movies he has on Youtube concerning things that are unique to Chatham, such as the skate park, and the guy who used to (and still might, but I haven't seen him in a while) walk around in all black. Black pants, black shirt, black trench coat, black boots, black sunglasses, and of course, black hair. Curious if anything, but apparently he wants to do the same thing with me. I'd like to know how my backside is so recognizable that people can see me on line at work and immediately think "Oh, it's the guy with the tail and ears!", but yeah. I consented, on the briefly mentioned condition that he'd have to let me know when and where, so now I have that to think about too.

And then, as a result of whatever funny coincidence, I decided to get some snacks from 7-11 on the way home, and immediately after coming out of the back to see who walked in, the guy working said "Oh, you're quite the topic of conversation lately!" I pressed him only enough to learn that "everybody" is talking about me, but that's fun, I guess. Just be sure to keep your distance, because not only am I more interesting from afar, but my tail is really becoming quite tattered and worn out, so I'm thinking of getting an estimate for another one. I know, I still have plenty more that would work fine, but they're all too long and would drag on the ground, or are too clean and I don't want to get them dirty. An email to that effect has already been sent off as well, but even if the quote they give me is reasonable, I won't be able to pay until the last week of June, so it'll be a bit yet.

In the meantime, there's another email I absolutely must send out before I go to bed tonight, then I'll be left to only hope for a better sleep. Last night's was of the sort where I dream of leading my day-to-day life, so I was at work doing things as normal, feeling happy about how that was my last shift before having a day off, but still at the back of my mind something was saying "Hey, this isn't quite right". Sure enough, when I did eventually wake up it was like coming to in a completely different life and getting a bit of a shock when I realized where I was at and what time it was. As fun as that may sound, it wasn't terribly restful though, so with the rain and other cooler weather we're supposed to be getting today, it should go a little better. Now if I could just write this email~

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