Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Takes Some Getting Used To

I'd better not be woken up by more random pounding at my door tomorrow morning. It happened today, and I was actually out of bed and reaching for my pants, thinking it was Thursday and Mom was ready to go grocery shopping, but then I heard new giggles and laughter outside the door, which eventually retreated down the hallway, so I figured it must've been Trish and her daughter, and went back to sleep. Now I know they were being conducted along a tour of the house, which includes my room, apparently, but nothing much came of it as far as I can tell. After that, the first thing I did once I went back to sleep for another couple hours was went downstairs for a bowl of cereal, and on the way through the dining room Adam saw fit to say "You might want to put a shirt on", and then the same thing again as I walked back through with my bowl. The matter's been settled now, but still, let's not start, Adam. I know you want Trish to see me and the rest of our family in a good light, but if there's a problem, come to me and we'll talk it out with her. That's all I ask.

Needless to say, after that I was a bit reluctant to go downstairs and introduce myself, so I just did things up here until 4, then headed out to do my running around. All I can remember now is putting this together, and I strongly recommend downloading and installing them if you're not reading this entry from your friends page, as it'll look alot better. As for the walk I'll spare you the description of where I went, but the places I visited did have their own bits of interest. For one, Melissa said the reason I had no shifts on the next schedule was because she always makes up a rough draft of them first, and this time forgot to copy mine onto the final version. Innocent mistake, I suppose, and I was more happy about getting my pay stub and finding that I made ~$100 more than expected instead. At the moment most of it will probably go towards buying a new tail as I mentioned yesterday, but the rest will be nice to have a little more room to work with if I should decide I want more snacks some night coming up or whatever. After all, one of the other things she said was that the number of hours she could give out were cut yet again this week, so I close tomorrow night, as well as Friday and Saturday, but then have three days off after that. At least. My second stop was Money Mart, which resulted in a whole bunch of confusion and being told that I should keep an eye on my transactions to see how much they charge me next month, but I can wait, and if the problem isn't fixed by then, I actually might send a letter to the card company saying "I'm not pleased with this". Going to Money Mart can only achieve so much, and I think if I have to go there a third time, the lady will start to get tired of seeing me.

Anyways, after that I went out to Zellers, where I ended up looking at fans and storage boxes, but didn't buy anything. On the way out of the store though, some guy standing off to the side looked at me and said "Solid" which had me puzzled right up until I reached the intersection. "Solid" as in "Tight", in the sense that you would use the word to convey your approval of something. Or at least that's what I presume. First time I've heard the word used in that context though, so it's definitely still open to interpretation. Getting back to the walk now, my final stop was Value Village, where I must have spent close to an hour browsing through the pants and shirts, trying on six or seven of each before finally deciding on one pair of jeans and one loose-fitting t-shirt that I wanted to buy. Cost me only ~$12 though, which I'm still quite pleased with, but on that note, since it evidently slipped my mind, before going to Zellers I stopped in at Staples and purchased a 4GB USB stick. Only $25 so that's fair, and I do indeed have Windows 7 working right now (not on this laptop, of course), but there are still some things to work out, such as why custom visual styles don't fully apply, as well as setting up all the usual programs. I haven't much interest in getting to that right now, but I'm sure a point will come during those three days next week where I'm bored with everything else, and I can get to it then.

As for everything past ~7pm, since that's when I got back, I made supper, without a shirt on and not a word was said, didn't wash the dishes because somebody else did them for me, spent way too much time trying to get Windows 7 to install, and washed my laundry. More or less a full day, but I still have music to retag and copy to my PSP before bed, so I'm off to do that, and will see if I remember anything else about today to say tomorrow~

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