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Karadur Inacu 

A Couple Things About Work

To think I was so concerned about having enough time for everything last night. Just a few minutes ago I was informed that everybody is going strawberry picking at 4, which is when we normally would've gone out to get groceries, and seeing as they'll be gone at least an hour, maybe more, I can see us not getting out until 6. At first I was considering walking up to Dollarama, getting what I wanted there, then walking home again only to drive out a short time after that, but I think I might actually want the time, to myself right now, and the only advantage going on my own could have would be giving me the option to stop at work and talk with Melissa about some things that went on last night.

Number one, shortly after I started, Cori randomly decided to squirt pepperjack sauce on the grill because the "heard it's supposed to turn pink". What? No. Get the hell off line, and go do dishes like you're supposed to be between customers. I ended up just asking her "Why did you do that?", and her response was a cheerfully dismissive "Just don't worry about it." Yeah. Let's see. I definitely have to worry about it, because I'm the one that'll be cleaning the thing at the end of the night, and about ten minutes after she scraped it off, that entire side turned black and oily. To be fair it was still easy enough to clean, but it can't look good from a customer's perspective to open it when they order something that needs to be grilled, and then see that it's all black. The best part was Manoah standing off to the side at the time, looking on but not saying a word. When I did confront him about it later "Please never ever ever ever ever ever let Cori do that again", he used the excuse that she already had by the time he noticed. Granted, because I'm sure there's a chance, but to not say anything at all, other than "Oh, that stinks"? Right. George and I continued discussing it throughout the night, leading him to giving her a writeup (or in his words, a verbal warning which is sort of odd because it was written on paper), and I'll learn of any other advancements when I stop in there later to get the money Manoah owes me.

Secondly, I am getting tired of Amy placing orders and hearing the order taker say "It's Amy!" as if I'm expected to know what that means. The past two or three times she's ordered I've screwed up one or more of her items because of that, and did eventually get Manoah to agree with me and say special stuff about her food should be rung in (even if it's free), but yeah. As for Amy, kindly give it a rest. I know you have the right to be upset when I continually make mistakes with your food, but one, just because you work here does not mean you should be getting things for free, and two, when you order, don't just glaze over the special parts by saying "You know what I mean." It's ironic because I've memorized the way Katie always gets her food, but she's also been coming through far longer than Amy has, and still asks for the things she wants made special or differently. It's actually kind of funny thinking about the whole situation too. A couple months ago, almost every time I saw her Amy asked "Do you hate me?" for no apparent reason, and I said no, but now I'm starting to think otherwise. At least while I'm in this place where I have no patience with people.

Those two things aside, last night was also busy and seemed to drag on forever, mostly because I started an hour earlier than normal, and also, after a point, the music Manoah started playing on his phone. Too empty, too plain, repetitive lyrics and so on. I'm just glad to be off for a day now, but my next two shifts have the pleasure of closing with Orlando and Steve, which I have reservations about that are easy enough to predict without being specifically mentioned. On somewhat the same note though, since I do have tonight off I'll be making that cake, and have already warned Trish that she may hear noise in the kitchen because of it, but she's fine with that. I don't think they noticed my repeated going upstairs and downstairs last night either (from when I got home, into the kitchen, then up to my room, then into the kitchen again, then halfway up the stairs, then out the door, then into the kitchen, then up to my room, then down to the basement, then into the kitchen, and finally back up to my room again), so as long as I don't hear any complaints from Adam tomorrow about how I was being noisy, I'll be happy <3 In the meantime, I'll find things to do for another three hours or so, and if they're not back from picking strawberries by then, I'm off. Pretty sure both banks close at 8 tonight, and if I wait any longer, they will be by the time I walk halfway home~

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