Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

... Nothing to Do

Me and Josh are sitting here in the living room now, watching the 4th season of Family Guy that Adam bought, and I figured in no time, it's going to be 5 or 6 in the morning, which is when I'll have to go to bed.

So yeah. Today, slept 'till 4, then got up to go to the bathroom, then laid back down in bed to do watch a couple episodes of The Drew Carey Show or something. No though. I just had the computer started up, when Adam came up into my room and said something or other about how Josh had just gotten done at work, and was phoning to let us know we could come and get him. Had to wait for Mom to get back from dropping Dad off at work first though, but once she did, we were off.

Went to EB Games and Wal-Mart first, trying to find one of those Nyko InterCoolers for Adam's 360. Neither place had them. Also found out that Kyle's no longer working at EB Games, which is a letdown. Apparently he's going back to school in London or something. Anyways, we also went across the street to Future Shop, and amazingly enough, they had 7 or 8 of them :p They also had a PSP on display, with the browser open to Google, and Adam couldn't help wanting to go to Newgrounds on it. Wonder if they've noticed yet :3

After that, Mom had to stop by Shoppers to get an application for a MedicAlert bracelet, then we went to Staples. Reason this time was that Josh mentioned last night that he bought his surround sound system there, so Adam decided he wanted to get one as well. I ended up picking up a headphone extension cord thing myself, because one thing I really don't like with this laptop is that the only headphones I have to use are the ones for my PSP, and the cord on them is incredibly short. I'd go without them, but Dad really likes complaining about the slightest noise coming from it when I use it up in my room.

Yeah... Went home after that, whereupon we set up Adam's purchase, ordered supper, and watched random things on the computer in the dining room. He went to bed around 8, so I brought my laptop into the living room here, so I could do stuff on it while I watched Josh playing games on his 360. He had me register some clan for him on gamebattles.com, then promptly tried to convince everyone playing with him to register as well :p

Now, as I said at the start of this, we're watching episodes of Family Guy. I'll probably head upstairs around 5 or 6, or earlier if Josh decides he wants to go to bed. I probably should somewhat early, seeing as I have to be be in for 7 tonight (bleh). It's probably going to be me, Glenda, and I don't know who else will be on. Thursday night's going to be interesting though, seeing as I'm scheduled for 9 to 2. Actually being able to work a shift like that would be a nice change, but I'm willing to bet things won't work out. See, Josh is the closing manager, and he's the most likely of anyone there to ask me to stay to close or whatever. The thing that'll pretty much decide it is how many other people are on (and who they are), but I suppose we'll have to wait until Thursday to see.

As I said before though, I'm looking forward to Saturday (I have it off), and from what I got told when we picked Josh up today, next weekend, I have both Friday and Saturday off. I do head back to volunteering either this week or next, so soon enough, having days off is going to be all that much more of a treat. I do plan on heading up to Staples probably on Saturday to pick up a laptop bag, and a decent pair of headphones, so that way I can bring this to volunteering and have a better selection of music than what I'm limited to on my PSP. Well, not so much that, as much as just not having to say "Oh, I wish I had this song to listen to" anymore.

For now though, I'm sure you can guess what I'm doing, except without the going to bed part.

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