Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Still Feeling In-Between

A couple point-form bits of interest to start this entry off. Firstly, within the next week I'll be talking to Melissa about some concerns I have. She doesn't know of my intentions yet, but I have no desire to allow them (her and Mary, most likely) to continue plotting and scheming and talking behind my back because, of all things, my order times are too low. Secondly, after the story mentioned in my previous entry is finished (not for a little while yet, of course), I'd like to try my hand at writing my own. Hopefully so I can cover everything I'd like to include in the story commission, but without having to worry about the word count. It sounds like a fun idea, and would allow me exact control of everything, which is another fun idea. The only problem is that I haven't done any creative writing since I was in my 'teens, but thankfully the worst of that is not having any full pens or paper. I imagine the former could be purchased very cheaply from Staples though, and I could get quite enough lined paper in the same place. Yeah. I'm definitely going to do it <3

In other news now that I've gone off track, I'm still a bit puzzled about what I came home to tonight. Upon opening the front door, one of the cats ran down the stairs into the dining room. Then when I stepped forward to close the door and take my shoes off, I noticed somebody walk into the eating area of the kitchen. Figured it was just Adam, but when I went in there to get a snack, nobody was to be found. Naomi isn't in her room either, but it looked like there was one extra person in the living room, so she probably decided to sleep with them and not turn her fan off and such. I'll just ask my questions tomorrow, I suppose. On the topic though, I'd hoped Trish being here would be a positive influence on Adam. Maybe he would actually start properly washing his dishes and so on, but no. I had to clean up the kitchen myself on Wednesday, and tonight found bits of food still stuck to the first fork I pulled out of the drawer. Annoying at best, but the continued irresponsibility is another matter.

Mentioning dishes reminds me of work though, and tonight was certainly noteworthy. From 8pm to close we made almost, if not more than $2,000, and I was on line by myself for at least half that time. Hopefully the same happens tomorrow as well, because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a night like that, but I'm still a bit embarrassed about something I did before going in. I was outside sitting in amongst the trees, when I saw some guy in a van pull up to the garbage dumpster, get out with a bag full of garbage, and walk towards it. I hollered across the parking lot "Hey bud that's a cardboard dumpster!", and he looked at me, then motioned towards the barrel that's full of old, smelly grease for some inane reason, shouted "Should I put it in here?", and I half waved, half shrugged and said "Yeah". Seriously, there's a garbage pail right up next to the door. It ended up being full, as I learned when I tried to put my cup in it, but why not, say, hang onto your garbage until you get home, and dispose of it there? The thing I'm embarrassed about is how it could've been worse. He might have just pulled up, tossed the bag out the window, and sped off, but he was actually trying to properly dispose of it, and I yelled at him. Whatever though. It's not worth such delayed thinking-over.

I'm also extremely tired right now, so maybe it'd be a better idea to go to bed and see how much I care in the morning. First thing though is to let Littlecat out, or else I'll go to sleep while she's still in here and be woken up by her meowing probably less than an hour after I fall asleep. Yeah~

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