Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

June 20th This Year

They really give in too easily. I'm pretty sure the air conditioning is on today, because first of all when I went to bed it was just on the edge of being uncomfortably warm, but a couple hours after that I woke up briefly and noticed it had become much colder than before. To the point of wanting a blanket to cover myself, in fact, then when I went downstairs just a few minutes ago to get some cereal, I noticed the kitchen floor was unusually cold, and now that I'm up in my room, can hear a new, fairly constant humming sound coming from just outside my window. This is far from necessary, everybody else. I appreciate you lot in the living room are all sleeping on the same mattress and insist on covering yourselves in blankets on top of that, but nobody ever told you you had to cram into the middle of the room. And I make all this fuss because it's only the middle of June and they've turned it on already. What'll happen in July or August when the heat picks up even more? I've become acclimated to the heat of late, to the point where temperatures up to 30 don't bother me, but that doesn't make me like it any more than you do, yet you seem to be the ones running for the easiest source of comfort. Somewhat related to this, there is (or was) a poll on The Weather Network recently asking "How do you beat the heat?" The choices were "Open a window", "Drink something cold", "Turn on a fan", "Take a cold shower", and "Turn up the AC". The most popular answer was, of course, turning up the AC, and the least-picked, with only 7% of the votes, was taking a cold shower, which is about the easiest all-around solution. Oh well. I suppose people these days just have no resiliency.

True to that, a quick thing from work recently. They finally fixed the air conditioning, because before that customers were complaining about the dining room being too hot. Immediately after it was repaired the comments of "Oh, it's too cold in here!" started rolling in, leading Steve to believe he was the one exception to the "Nobody is to touch the thermostat" rule, break it again, and incur the displeasure of Melissa and whoever had to fix it. Still though, make up your mind people, and also, on a more general note, if you can see I'm the only one up front making food and there's lots of you inside and / or out in the drive through, don't stand at the window watching me as if it'll make things go faster. Just have a seat and I'll call out your order when it's ready, and for those people who listen to me read the entire order while looking at their receipt then ask in confusion "Is this mine?", you ordered (hopefully) less than five minutes ago. It shouldn't be that hard to at least remember what you asked for. Usually only happens with large parties of a particular religious group, but it's no less exasperating when somebody else does it. Those few things aside last night was fun again after 11 though, and I enjoyed a brief walk home with Orlando afterward, then staying up until 8 working out further details for my story commission, as well as writing a message in Dad's card and making up a little envelope out of a piece of paper for the money, so it's a bit different than just opening the card and seeing it right there. Now all I have to do is work out some way to stick it to the underside of his chair (assuming he sits in one and not a booth) at Boston Pizza, but I have one idea right now involving a ball of tape and going to the bathroom as a ruse.

I think everything else is ready for today though. My laundry is still down in the basement, but it's all dry, so I just need to go grab it, along with my money being in my wallet, and I do hope we order a couple pizzas for everybody to share or something, because 7 of us, allotted $25 a piece would still come up to $175, and the rest would probably go towards taxes. No longer am I so pleased with the idea of paying for the whole meal myself, but that's only because it appears now that I may just not have enough. That's what my debit card is for, if necessary, or I could go to the bank right after this, withdraw another hundred dollars and deposit the remainder tomorrow, but I'm not about to do that. Having an extra sixty would be nice though, and I could do with getting out for a quick stroll to see if it's really as cool outside as it is in here, so yeah. Should be a pretty fun evening altogether~

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