Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Everything Goes Wrong at Once

From what I hear today has been quite something for unusual things happening outside. First of all there was an earthquake, which, if felt in this city I slept right through, and then much later at night, a tornado watch. The first one is sort of uninteresting, because I'd never have even known it happened if I hadn't checked the weather as soon as I woke up, but towards the second, I now know I'm the type that people would tell to calm down and not to freak out before delivering some sort of bad news. As soon as I even heard the word "tornado", I started getting extremely antsy and angry with every single customer that came through, because they obviously had their priorities in order and so on. Also, what better place to be when something like that hits than at work. If we really had seen a tornado, I'd have gone outside to look around before cowering in the walk-in as we're supposed to. Safety and danger to my life aside, I won't be made to coop up and hide until I've had a good look at whatever it is we need to take cover from. But it didn't end up coming to that though. There was just some really loud thunder, lighting which made everything purple for brief moments at a time, and much wind. I still would've preferred to have been spending the night at home, so I could have fun and be excited at the thought of the impending storm, but yeah. Sheila called us and said we needed to call Mike, who said we should call him back if we had any problems, and thought it was funny that we were getting busy because of the storm. Screw you too. I like poor weather more than other people, but only events of the calm but powerful variety. A heavy rainstorm, or lots of snow blowing around. Not other anomalies, shall we say, that pose significant threat and / or danger.

Needless to say, I've been in a pretty irritable mood since then, but it wasn't any better earlier today. For the most part, I'm still frustrated with the people I'm commissioning, up to a fourth now, being the eventual author of that story. It's been four three days since they responded, and I would think they have need to as well, because I've asked some questions and gone over some other things that I'd like to know they're up-to-date on. Just under an hour ago now I was planning to email all of them for another progress report, but no, I still want them to reply on their own instead of having to get after them about it. The other source of anger is Money Mart. Went there before work tonight to put $30 on my card, and stood at the counter for another ten minutes while she (of course, the same girl as all the other times) held the phone up to her ear and walked from computer to computer. Apparently she was still on hold, and there wasn't a problem with my card, but she just couldn't load the money onto it this time. Yeah, right. I might have opted to wait there a bit longer, but there was a guy waiting his turn behind me, and it was getting too close to 8:00, so I walked back over to Taco Bell and sat outside until 7:50 thinking about that, and went in to work the shift that I've already described above.

Simply put, I need to go back tomorrow. If it truly was a temporary problem, perhaps caused by the approaching storm (and I hope it was), then it should work the second time, and if not I'll be asking "So then what do you recommend I do? I need at least $43 on that card to pay for the internet this month, and the simplest solution I can see right now is for you to give me a new card, at cost, under the $7.50 pay-as-you-go plan, transfer the ~$30 I have on the old card to the new one, and then load the $30 cash I have onto it." I still wish so very much that TekSavvy would take in-office cash payments. I'd gladly walk up there each month on the 27th or 28th, give them $42, and be done with them for another thirty days. Just to not have to worry about Money Mart's stability, but as noted, if the problem isn't resolved, I will send them an actual hand-written letter. I'd need to find specific dates though, because not knowing them ruined my first attempt earlier.

Altogether, it's been a largely annoying night. Mind you I enjoyed walking home without a shirt, but it was sort of a weird walk. Up at the intersection of St. Clair and Grand, I had to stop and push the button to change the lights so I could cross the street. While I was waiting, a cop pulled up going the same direction, and after a few moments shouted "I think the lights are all screwed up!" I told him "It sure seems that way", because indeed, the two lights facing St. Clair's direction were red, and one of Grand's two was also red, but the other was green with the "You may turn now" arrow at the bottom lit up. Just as I was thinking of crossing anyways, however, I noticed the street crossing signals on the other side were flashing, and a few seconds after that the lights turned green in our favor, and I hurried across the street while the cop said "Watch out for the dog!" and turned after I'd passed. Then another short distance down that section of sidewalk, I heard another vehicle behind me pulling up, and sure enough, it was one that had pulled up to the aforementioned intersection while we were waiting. Turned out it was another cop, and before getting home I'd end up seeing two more as well, so there must still have been some danger or concern with the weather. Anything else and I would've been stopped and asked where I was going, but for once that didn't happen.

And now I just want to go to bed. No work tomorrow, quite thankfully because tonight was a trial and then some, but I still have enough other things planned to keep me busy. My goal, aside from visiting Money Mart, will be to email at least one of the people I'm commissioning to ask how my art is coming, so yeah. We'll see how that turns out~

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