Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Monotony Can be Fun Too

I haven't had a day off like this in quite some time. In the ~16 hours I've been awake thus far, approximately nine of them have been spent laying in bed working on Pic Pic. Did pretty well too. 12 puzzles in one day is nowhere near the amount of progress I imagined making in a single afternoon (and evening), but it felt easier this time for some reason. Sure, there were several points where I gave up for about ten minutes to do other things, but eventually I came back and was more successful having had a break. As well, I think this is the first night where I've resorted to true brute forcing - trying every number to find even one or two squares around it that could be filled or whited out, but that was largely time consuming, so thankfully it isn't required too often. At any rate, 340 done, 60 to go. Unfortunately I have two supper shifts and a close coming up now though, so by the time I get another day off I won't be able to put nearly as much thought or effort into it again.

In better news, I made a second trip up to Money Mart at roughly the same time tonight, and this time, whether because a different woman was working or the problems present yesterday had been fixed, was able to put $30 onto my card, and my balance online does reflect that, so now I don't have to worry about the 28th. As well, I checked my recent transactions, and sure enough was charged $2 for the card load, but that much was expected, and is welcome just so long as the monthly fee in July reflects the change made a few weeks ago. I'd rather be done with this and not have to keep mentioning it, but I'll know for certain in less than a month's time. As for other things done outside though, there wasn't a whole lot. Stopped at work and talked with people there for a bit, one of whom was Tryphena who told me that they'd sold their pool to their brother, but were planning on getting another one and putting it in our backyard. I'll bet you are. Seriously. I see Manoah tomorrow so I'll find out for certain then, but I am needless to say a little bit annoyed at that. Continuing on, I ran into Orlando shortly after leaving Taco Bell and chatted with him for a bit too, then spent the rest of my walk down St. Clair going back and forth in my mind about whether or not I wanted to stop at 7-11. Eventually I settled on no, and made do with two bowls of cereal and a can of Canada Dry instead. Wonderful, but I did eat an entire box of chocolate covered cherries for breakfast (18 of the things), which, in retrospect, ruined any plans to get snacks right then and there. Still might tomorrow (or Saturday), but that depends entirely on just how much I really want to go there. Subway would work just as well, and would make a nice change for supper <3 If not, it's just going to be more grilled cheeses, but I've been giving thought to sprinkling shake & bake mix on the outside as well. Might taste halfway decent...

Until then though, I think these last few tasks will be it for the night. Had a couple new ideas for my story earlier (specifically how I might want it ended, and also for a part in the middle where interesting things really start happening. I've indirectly heard from the guy as to why he hasn't responded yet, and would still like to wait until I get word that he's read my other messages, but typing these ideas down into Notepad is as good an idea as any right now. Before I forget them, at least~

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