Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Storms Aren't Over Yet

Thus far today we have some very dark skies, and thunder. Rather pleasant to be sitting in here during the middle of the afternoon with my room as dark as if it were nighttime, but the weather conditions were the reason I woke up, and bear more than just a brief mention. Naomi was actually the reason, because I overheard her say "There's a tornado warning, Adam". In actuality it is both a watch and warning now, but things seem different than last week when the same thing happened, leading me to wonder if we'll see something different this time. Before, storms were being forecast when I left for work, but a few minutes after getting there, sitting down and staring up at the sky, I decided that no, it couldn't possibly storm because there were no clouds to be seen, and the conditions just didn't seem right for it. I was certainly proven wrong though, which leads me to wondering about this time. Do the skies already being dark and thunder having already commenced mean that we'll get a worse storm than before, or simply that it's starting up earlier? Either way, I'd still hate for there to be a tornado. Would be interesting to see, but I can be far more content with much rain and thunder and lighting <3

Whatever the case though, I just may end up getting a ride to work later. Hopefully not from, because I could care less about my clothes getting wet, and still want to go through the whole process of sticking them in the washing machine then having a shower and just laying in bed without doing anything for up to half an hour after. That was still an awesome night, but I've yet to repeat it under exactly the same circumstances before. Had it rained last night it would've been close though. For the first part of my shift I was tasked with doing prep, which Melissa quickly took over so I could clean various things. Skip ahead to just before 8 and I was at the back washing dishes so I would hopefully not immediately be put on line, and sure enough, Orlando agreed to keep things up as best he could himself and call when he needed help, which only happened once. Thus, between 8 and midnight, I caught all the dishes up twice (Brandon was doing a poor job of both properly washing them, and washing them quickly), and got everything done on line that I do for closing it. But then, instead of continuing on it having been a good night and going someplace special on the way home, I just took the direct route and stopped by 7-11, which proved to be largely unnecessary. Not only was there lasagna left over from supper at home, but also breadsticks from somebody ordering pizza, and cake from Naomi's birthday, which I did honestly forget. Not that she said anything about it, but yeah. So needless to say I still have a sub and one of the cruller things from those display cases to eat tonight, and hopefully some extra walking to work off what I shouldn't have eaten yesterday.

Now, for today only I'm going to be done this entry now so I can post it and move onto other things, just in case we should get a more severe storm that causes our internet to disconnect. As for the other things, hopefully finishing off the story-related email I've been working on for the past couple nights, and then just maybe working on Pic Pic if I have enough time. Three hours should be enough for everything~

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