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Karadur Inacu 

A Backlog of Reactions

Three times in less than half an hour. Seriously, the first night in a little while where self-consciousness started creeping back and I felt myself wondering "What are those people behind me thinking right now?" on the way to work. Anyways, the events / incidents were as follows:

First were a couple people who pulled around into the drive through while Steve and I were outside getting ready to take the cardboard out. We'd been closed for an hour and twenty minutes, so you'd think nobody else would bother to come through, but they did, and instead of speeding straight past, stopped and asked "You guys closed early tonight?" No. You're thinking of tomorrow. Come back then and you'll still have plenty of time. I told them we'd closed at 1 though, which normally would've been enough, but it set them off on another tangent of asking about my tail and ears, with the girl saying she sees me everywhere, wanting to know why I did that and such. It's who I am, it's fun, I like seeing what people say, and so on. Eventually they left and I went back to talking with Steve, commenting about how everybody seemed to expect us to have a directory of how late various fast food places were open, shortly followed by us going our separate ways, leading to the next event. Just as I was walking up to the Grand Ave intersection, a car sped around the corner and one of the people in it shouted "I love your ears! Woooo!" Right, yeah, okay, but either way, the final incident was with a couple guys crossing the bridge towards me.

I could smell alcohol as soon as they got close, so I was fearing a less amicable altercation, but no. Some people get mean when they're drunk, and others very... uninhibited. Those two guys were the latter sort. I can't remember half of what they said to me, but the one who actually told me he was probably a bit drunk said he loved what I was doing, and asked if I had any idea how many conversations about me people had, and when told no responded with "The funny thing about it is that nobody notices you until one of them says 'Yeah, there's this guy who walks up and down St. Clair street in cat ears and a tail'". Meanwhile, the other guy told me they were part of a band that had apparently just been playing at the bar on the other side of the bridge, and asked if there was any sort of message I wanted them to pass along to everybody else. Not that I could think of at the time, and I told him as much, which caused him to look a bit disappointed before asking again "But why do you do that?!", so I explained once more that it was something just... for me, that I liked doing, and liked hearing what other people had to say about, causing the other guy to loudly exclaim "That's awesome man!", and we bumped fists, briefly blocking the path of another guy who was trying to cross the bridge. Of course, I got to thinking more about what I could've asked them to say as I continued walking, and hit upon an option rather quickly. Have them tell everybody present wherever they play next that I am, in fact, not a cat, but a leopard, so perhaps the word can spread and I can stop being meowed at. Alas, I've missed my chance, but I think it's better that way anyways. I like being mysterious too, and the more I tell people about myself, the less of that there is.

Those things aside, there are exactly three more bits of interest to mention about tonight. One, work was busy, as in non-stop orders from 7pm to 12:50am. Steve handled it surprisingly well, but tomorrow could very well be different (he'll end up on line instead of drive through), so I'm still glad I have it off. Two, there were rather creepy things going on here when I first got home. Well, even before that, for what it's worth, because as I walked past West street, I glanced down it and noticed a couple guys standing in the middle of the road, and upon getting home and depositing everything I didn't need in my room, I went down into the kitchen, and heard what sounded like police radio noises, followed by seeing the silhouette of somebody walking around the house next door and, once I got a little more curious and went to look out the window, a small light that might as well have been a flashlight being carried towards the back yard. Littlecat came into my room when I eventually opened the door as well, and instantly started acting different - repeatedly glancing at the window with looks of concern, presumably to try and spot the source of noises I could hear too. People mumbling, stalking around in the bushes by the other house next door to us, leading to me eventually shoving my head into the window and looking around, just in time to see a police car slowly pull up behind that house (from my point of view), and some seconds after that, just as slowly pull out of the driveway and turn right down the street. Dad says there may have been an ambulance involved instead, but that still doesn't explain the light I saw.

Finally, as it is the first of the month, I've sent out all those emails to the people I'm commissioning. Two have responded already, but I'll leave what they said until tomorrow, so I can hopefully cover all of them at once. For right now, I'm off to bed with my alarm set so I don't oversleep, and then it's out to get groceries, and all the extra stuff for our company on the weekend. I do have my own plans in mind what with it being a holiday as well, but they're a secret as yet, so it won't make a difference if I change them. Oh, and there is one more that I just remembered. As planned, I went to Money Mart before work to put another ten dollars on my card. That went through without any problems, and I was actually asked this time if I was still having any issues with the fees. None to mention yet, but I appreciate the concern, so thanks for asking. Now that'll be it. Any longer and it'll be 7am before I finally put my laptop down~

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