Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Such a Thankless Job

I love going downstairs for a quick snack and seeing the kitchen a mess. Somebody made blueberry muffins earlier, and left a bunch of juice from the berries spread across the counter where it had dried and become all sticky, then over on the other side, sort of next to the microwave, was a sizable pile of dishes. Originally I thought "No, I won't bother with those. They're not my problem, so somebody else can do them this time." That thought lasted just long enough for me to get upstairs, eat the one remaining muffin (I don't know how many there were to begin with, but I'm getting tired of this only one of anything left phenomenon that's set in with Trish and Ericka here) and the cookies I grabbed though, because I ended up reasoning with myself for a bit and deciding that no, I wasn't doing anything important, so I'd go down there and clean up the dishes and counter. I was rather hoping Dad would come down to get ready for work so I could ask him whose dishes I was washing, but there was nothing except for Smokey walking in a couple times and meowing incessantly until I made a move towards her. In fact, there was nothing at all aside from her, so I very much doubt anybody will even know I was the one who cleaned up their mess unless I tell them. Which I probably won't of course, but yeah. Took me an hour, and now I have even less time to go before I'm forced to call it a night.

I say "forced" because, surprise surprise, we have haircut appointments tomorrow that Mom could "be sure she told me about", but only "reminded me of" this afternoon. And if I come across as angry at that, it's because I have to start work at 5 and thus will have half an hour if I'm lucky to have a shower, dry off, and get dressed again, grab my things for work, and set out. That's also only what Mom figures, but I suppose at absolute worst I'll be leaving the house a little later than normal, and won't dry off completely until I'm partway there. I'd rather have that than having to worry about lingering bits of hair falling into places they shouldn't go. Or I could call work first thing tomorrow and tell them I won't be in until 6, but no, I can make it, and I'm looking forward to speaking with Melissa again about something that happened last night. A lady in drive through claimed to be in the complaint book to have some food replaced, and as he was the one working that position, Steve checked it, and was unable to find her name, but still replaced her entire order. Some $43 worth of food, or ~$39 if you subtract what he overcharged her accidentally but didn't bother to fix (and why would you when it's free?), prompting plenty of remarks from me, as well as one from George about the order being suspiciously similar to one he replaced before, and Steve offering no response to our questions. Anyways, I brought it up when I stopped by there this afternoon, which prompted Melissa to ask what happened, and me to learn that she would've said no as well. Honestly, if I made the rules, they'd be that orders under ten dollars could be replaced in their entirety. Above that, the customer(s) would get a discount corresponding to the price of their next order, rounded to the nearest ten. Spend $25? You get 30% off, but $24.99? Sorry, but I can only give you 20%. Of course, there would have to be a maximum of, say, $50 / 50%, because otherwise people could place orders for literally thousands of dollars worth of food and get it all for free, but yeah. I think that general idea is much better than blindly saying "Take this free food I'm so sorry for the trouble".

I also digress, so getting back to the haircut topic, the one other disadvantage of that is how I have no money for snacks. Not a terrible loss because I might get something special for supper as I'm done work at 11, but the ten dollars I have for tomorrow now is money I was going to use for supper tonight. No though. I ended up having chili. And an apple fritter from 7-11 (which still had an apple stem in it). And a brownie from the same place. And three dollars of five cent candies from there as well. And a sandwich and donut from Tim Hortons. And four boxes of candy from Shoppers. It's a wonder I still want to go out at all tomorrow, but it's about my only chance, as hamburgers and hotdogs are being made for our company on Saturday (which there had better be some left of when I get home), so there'd be no point to getting anything then. Food aside though, I can't say much for the rest of the night. Finally started messing around with Windows 7 visual styles, but strongly dislike having to actually replace system files on an individual theme basis. I'm sure there are programs out there to automate the process, but instead of looking for them, I installed XP again. All of this took place on my other laptop, of course, but it's about halfway setup now, and I'll get to the rest when I next have time. Same thing for commission updates too, but what I can say for now is that of the four emails I sent out, I've received replies to three. Decent by any means, but there's still one left to go. They have exactly thirty days~

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