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Several Things...

Right. Where to start...

Well, like I said in my previous entry, it was about 5:30 by the time I got to bed. Woke up at 3:30, and went downstairs to find Josh still sound asleep on the couch, so I went on the computer, for a bit, until Mom got home. Asked her if we could go out to Staples right away, because at first I had planned to get a new power bar for up in my room, seeing as the one I've got right now sparks whenever I plug something into it. Yeah. I did get one but I've got about as far as to take it out of the package, so I'll probably just unplug the old one when I go upstairs. Probably after I get done this.

I also ended up getting some new headphones. Mainly for my PSP, because the ones I have right now suck. I got these. One thing I didn't like was that with the regular size attachment things, I couldn't hear anything else when they were in my ears. I tried putting the small size ones on though, and they seem to work better. We'll have to wait 'till tomorrow to see though.

Have to be in at 7 again tomorrow night, and from looking at the hand washing sheet, me, Glenda, and Steve are closing. I figure it'll probably be a bit busy, seeing as it's Wednesday, but it can't be that much worse than tonight. Well, the worst thing tonight was having to be on drive through. It was only for 3 hours, but it was still bad. Better than it could've been though, seeing as we had everything done by the time I had to go on it. Tomorrow night, I figure Steve's going to be doing that, mainly because I did it tonight.

Also, some time this week, I'm going to be heading back to Heart and Stroke. Probably on Friday, but one way or another, I need to send her an email, just to let her know what's going on.

I'm also seriously thinking about phoning Taco Bell tomorrow to tell them I won't be in 'till 8. Just because I want to go out to Staples yet again tomorrow, to get a case for this laptop (for when I want to bring it to Heart and Stroke, or wherever else. I also want to get just a cheap mouse for it as well, because although the touchpad does the job quite nicely, nothing beats a regular mouse for games and whatnot. I have my eye on this one. I like the design, and it's cheap as well. It'd probably really help if I was keeping track of how much money I've spent so far, but I figure without the stuff that got put into my savings account, I've spent about $3000. There is the $1000 donation to Heart and Stroke (10% of what we got), and a Wii, but other than that, I think I've bought everything I want for now.

I think for now though, I'm just gonna head upstairs. I need to have a shower before I go to bed, and given that it's 3 right now, I can see being asleep by 6 at latest.

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