Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Some Different Commission Woes

Now I have to hold up my end of the deal. As of last night, everybody I sent emails out to regarding commissions had responded. All but one of them favorably, and for the other, it just means I have two people to work with now instead of one. So altogether, well, I've lost count of how many commissions I have on the go, but should hopefully have at least two or three new pictures by the end of the month. Unfortunately, I have to come up with ideas now, for at least three different artists. One is pretty staightforward - asking somebody else to make the cover for my story since the original artist didn't think they were the best choice to draw it given the author of the story wanting to see it as soon as possible. Instead of copying and pasting what I told them into a new message though, I find myself thinking "I have a chance now to change anything I wasn't certain about before." The angle especially, because I don't know if it would look that great to have it be a view from behind, but rotated off to the side. That's about the best angle I can think of with what I want to be in view, but yeah. I don't think I'll tweak it any. Just describe it more thoroughly than I did the first time. Moving onto the second one, it'll be from the artist who I was originally going to get the cover from. Since there's no point to asking them for the same thing, I thought for a bit last night and came up with an idea that I thought would work well, but today am second-guessing that too.

Picture an outdoor city setting. Walking along a sidewalk, preferably when it's a little bit darker out, with a couple other people around me. One behind, hugging my tail with every last ounce of effort in their body, and the other in front, with a look in their face or their mouth open or something to show they were asking me a question, and me with a look that says I want to answer them but am distracted by the person behind me. Something to sum up alot of the encounters I have with people every week, pretty much, and the idea came to me after something that happened last night. I stopped at 7-11 on the way home for some snacks. No surprise there, and I paid with cash, so it, to use a colloquialism, was all good. However, while I was making my selection of five cent candies, a guy and girl came in who seemed a little out-of-place. The girl had her arms, face, and possibly even legs (I didn't notice) covered with stripes of paint, and I automatically assumed the guy was with her as they came in together. Eventually they walked over to the aisle I was in, and the girl said "Hey, it's the guy with the tail" before proceeding to grab and hug it like she was never going to let it go, while the guy stood off to the side and said "Sweet tail bro". Then some other girl who must have walked in the other door at the same time she did walked over towards us shouting "You're that furry I see walking around everywhere!" No, and I'd really appreciate you not jumping to conclusions in this case. I'm doing this because it's fun, I like seeing the reactions, and because it's just part of who I am. Not to show my belonging to any certain group. Mulling over that once I got home led me to the conclusion that the only reactions I really like are those where I hear of other people talking about me or whatnot else. At work last night, Brandon said he saw a picture of me on Facebook where I was just outside Shoppers, and instantly I remembered going there on Thursday. As I walked out the door, I passed by a couple girls one of whom was holding a camera, but I figured it to be a coincidence. I can't be that much of an amazement to make people take pictures literally whenever they have the chance, and only one thus far (that I know of) certainly serves to strengthen that.

Anyways, continuing along with the 7-11 story, a comment was made about how they were the Native American version of what I did - a statement which I still don't fully understand, and then I was allowed to resume my shopping, but not before being accosted by one more person at the checkout. A different girl came in while I was waiting to pay for my items, and asked, word-for-word "Dude, do you mind if I stroke your tail?" Well, I believe the phrase is "knock yourself out", but this isn't the greatest tail for you to touch. It's far from soft anymore after being put in the dryer so long ago, and the fur gets to be terribly matted as a result of walking everywhere. Bearing that in mind though, yeah, go ahead if you want, and from more my perspective now instead of what I think about saying to them, why oh why does anybody who picks up my tail brush it around my shoulders and cheeks making purring and cooing noises? It's the most confounded thing, and I can't figure it out, but thus far it's happened more than once.

In any case though, I have some emails to write, and should be able to finish all three since I don't have to leave for work until 7 tonight. Closing with Manoah, which would make me suspect he would ask to borrow money if he didn't already do that yesterday night ($80 this week), so it should be a decent night. Far better than with Sheila, most certainly, but that's not for three days yet~

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