Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Didn't Want This Responsibility

This turned out well. Even though I'm not going on the trip with everybody else tomorrow, I still have to be up at noon. Why? The air conditioner broke yesterday, and Dad called some people to come fix it, so they'll be here tomorrow, and of course, he wisely gave them a key to the house, and there's no way I'm going to stay up here fast a sleep while people who are more or less perfect strangers wander around and presumably fiddle with the thermostat. I have plans anyways, both to do perfectly innocent things here that I wouldn't want to with other people around (playing songs on the piano, to be completely honest), and going out to get some snacks so I have those to look forward to throughout my shift with Sheila. I know I'm being somewhat unfair with all this stuff about her, but every time I see the two of us on a close together, I edge a little bit nearer to leaving Melissa a note asking her to put somebody else on a couple. At least she was kind enough to not schedule me for any full closes with Mary this week. I am thankful for that much. As for everybody else tomorrow, I'm told they'll be leaving around 9, and getting home at 11pm, if not later. Leaves me plenty of time to do whatever, provided these repair guys show up around noon, but yeah, I'll enjoy the seven hours <3 I just hope it rains though, because today has been enough for a week.

On that note, I gave up today. After tolerating the humidity for just over an hour, I asked for a ride out to Walmart and bought the last portable air conditioner they had. Such was brought to my attention by another shopper just as Dad and I were leaving, then in the parking lot I let go of the cart while putting the box in the car and it almost hit some guy's truck so he glared at me, but I digress. Getting it unpacked and set up was far worse than anything that happened out there. Let's just say I was forced to move my bed to the other side of my room along with rearranging everything else to make room for it, and in the process cut one of my fingers rather deeply, scratched up the inside of my window frame from trying to get the hose support for the air conditioner to fit (which I eventually gave up on and propped the hose up on a pillow instead), and overall felt like breaking my bed into several hundred tiny little pieces when it kept getting caught on the carpet, until I tried sitting on the floor and pushing it in with my legs instead. Fun how they're stronger than my arms are, but I suppose if I walked home on my hands, my arms would be the strongest part of my body instead. Overall I like this though. It's almost exactly how my room was arranged last summer, except with my beside tables placed up by the door instead of along the length of my bed, which makes getting into the spare room a little easier. I think I'll keep it this way only until Fall or Winter though, because I definitely want to be closer to the window once it gets cooler out <3 All I need to do now is vacuum, but that can wait until tomorrow, if not later.

In other news, I have something of an exasperating nature to note. Where I previously had five art commissions on the go, I now have six. Under normal circumstances I would've just glanced at the auction and not given it a second thought, but I want more that will get me the original art. I have both a sketch and badge from Cooper, but they're two years old already. It's time for something new, and if my figuring is correct, I won't be too badly off for money when we next get paid. Vacation pay or not as well, because most of it will be going back into savings, and I haven't yet considered what to do with the rest. I was at about $450 last I knew, so I'd be happy to keep just $50 for myself.

Anyways, I have a cat on my top bunk who is begging for attention at the moment (she's becoming very annoying with her meowing), and I also want to go make some toast, so I'm off to take care of those things. One more meow and I might very well kick her out~

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