Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Finally a Good Start

I hope that was thunder and not just random noises from downstairs. One change to today is that it's actually rather cloudy out, but looking at the weather it isn't supposed to rain until later tonight. Sure, that doesn't actually mean it won't rain at all until the specified time, and I hope it does because that would make for a nice start to my day <3 Already went downstairs to find my GST check in the mail which will be deposited sometime later so I can maybe go out for more snacks at the same time. I already went yesterday, and purchased things from both 7-11 and Subway since I wanted something special to have when I got home from work, but they would've been enough for both tonight and tomorrow. I, however, ate them all at once, as per usual, but it only put me ~800 units of measurement over my limit for the day, so I'll cut that many out this time and hope things balance themselves out. As for work itself, I'll just say this. Aside from a few brief seconds where I was more curious about thinking I'd seen somebody I knew, if I were to have assigned a numerical value to how much I wanted to be there, it would've been a negative number. Not a good night.

Thankfully, coming home got a bit better in that I was able to eat my supper, sit down and relax, and find not one, but two new emails waiting for me. The first was fairly standard - the new artist I mentioned yesterday just has some questions of their own to clarify a couple details of what I want from them, and as for the other, well, remember that story commission? Not only can I have it printed (which is cool in and of itself), but the author emailed me last night about another detail they forgot to mention in the Furbid auction. Another artist is offering a free picture to anyone who commissions a story from him, so yeah. Problem is I am completely out of ideas, but he's not quite at my story yet either, so I'll just have to let him know I need to think about what I want. Nice bonuses though. Thus far I have a sketch and a free picture (of as yet undetermined quality and level of completion) as extra things <3 Speaking of which, the artist giving me the sketch sent me the sketch of the first commission I'm getting from them just about an hour ago, but we're not even close to the free one yet. Apparently they want me to respond with my thoughts on said sketch because they're not completely happy with how it's turning out, and want to start over. By my count this'll be twice, and if you'd like a mental image of my attitude towards, this, picture me, head in my hands, with just a slight smile on my face. I have too many other commissions on the go to really and truly mind one being thrown off track again, so if anything it's one third amusing, and two thirds "Oh, right, okay."

As for other events yesterday, I learned just after getting home that if we'd been out of work even ten minutes sooner, I'd have come home to an empty house. Apparently everybody else was just getting home at 2:30am as well, but aside from a few brief words, we were all too tired to say anything, and went our separate ways. Overall I enjoyed having the house to myself for the afternoon, but in the unlikely chance I'm given that opportunity again soon, I'll ask to have it off from work, regardless of how imminent the dates are. How often do I tell myself "I want to do this, but would rather wait for a special day"? Things such as going out to the bakery on Grand Ave, or, if I had more money and didn't have to work, walking up to Walmart or EB Games to buy Super Mario Galaxy 2. They don't come very often, but one idea I'm considering right now is leaving a note for Melissa asking to have either the last weekend of August or first weekend of September off. As before, three days where I'll almost certainly have nothing to do, and when the conditions outside will hopefully be more pleasant than they've been lately.

Anyways, I have a couple more urgent matters to take care of right now, starting with vacuuming my floor, then going out to the bank. Then at some point after that responding to these three emails, but yeah. I'll take care of everything as I go~

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