Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Back to Work-Related Worry

Here I go yet again. Checking on this page to which the eventual author of my story posts updates to about other commissioners, he keeps referencing one "Chaos", who I've learned I am next in line to. Problem is, I'm getting too anxious and thinking way too much about how I want to see my name up there. I'm going to guess and say there's no more than a week to go until it is, but that week holds too many other things I'm not looking forward to, mostly centered around work.

For one, Gabby has been promoted, and presumably directly because of that, is being put on closes now. She needs to be trained, of course, so who else has been assigned to her but Mary? Might not be so bad if I worked only partial shifts with them, but sure enough, my next close after tonight is on Wednesday, and they're the only other ones working aside from me. I'd sooner close with Sheila or call in sick, but don't have the option of either, so I'll have to content myself with going out for supper and / or snacks before work so I have them at home. Secondly, starting on Monday we're open 'till 2am again. Nothing anybody affected by it couldn't have seen coming, but it's still going to be a bother. Then again, I say that because supper shifts have started to corrupt me. No longer do I not mind having to catch up on stuff the other shifts didn't get done, or cleaning up the place for the next day. If it was ever considered to create a subset of night staff who would come in just to clean and do prep, I would jump at the chance and be the first one to put my name down on the list (not because it'd be easier, but because it'd save me having to deal with people), but for now, I want one or the other. No such luck, of course, but the thought is nice.

As for today, it would be going better without those concerns about work on my mind, but I suppose if anything will help, it's asking myself "What can I do to fix or solve these problems?" Towards still having two shifts to go, just accept the fact that there's nothing I can do about them, I suppose. I am considering asking Steve to let me be done at 11 on Monday so I can go get a flurry from McDonalds, but for tonight, the only problem is that I just worked two supper shifts and want to continue with the idea of only trying to keep things caught up but not actually having to get everything done before I can leave. This is definitely one reason to dislike starting at 5 in the afternoon. Completely setting aside having to wake up at 2 and being out the door at 4, but yeah, in all, I need another break or less variance in my shifts, so I'll ask for the former tonight. August 31st through September 2nd sounds good, and that way I'll have a little more to be excited about.

I'm not getting anywhere today though, and I have some commission stuff to take care of, so I'll go do that. Three hours for two emails should be more than enough time~

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