Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Should've Stayed Asleep

I can't remember the exact details of my dreams now, but I know they were fun and more importantly, interesting, but then I woke up, and aside from having a new commission sketch that should hopefully be the final one from that artist, everything else is going wrong. There's no cereal, for one, and I was expecting more bits of interest related to commissions today as well. In particular, another artist (not the same one as before) sent me an email last night saying computer problems had caused them to lose various pieces of information they needed for my commission. Email address and references were about all, but I sent those off, and second time after that because Gmail wasn't cooperating with my putting a semicolon between two links, and then a third time several hours later to finish it all off because I'd copied and pasted the wrong URL for the background reference. All in all though, I've received at least a quick sketch from all but one of the people I'm commissioning right now (and sure enough, the only one who I don't have anything from yet is the artist I've been waiting on since February), so I suppose that's better than what it could be. I made a bit of a mistake which threw me off last night though. Lately I've taken to putting new sketches or other things requiring my input on my PSP so I can look them over before work, and last night I did just that, but forgot to take the memory stick out of my laptop. Oh, and to make it even better, I forgot my PSP at first, and had to backtrack no more than a couple steps to get it, but yeah. I'll make sure I have everything tonight.

Now, not to degrade this entry into another one where I talk entirely about work, but there's one thing from last night that still bothers me. Steve (or anybody else for that matter, but he was the only one there at the time) refusing to even consider possibilities other than the one he's decided is right. First off, James said I was ~$10 short on Saturday night, which I wasn't informed of because Mary didn't count the tills until after everything else for closing was done. Fine, and I'm told that's to be expected with her, but the thing is I didn't sign a cash shortage slip which is normally required for them to take that amount off one's next pay, so I asked him "If they do take that ten dollars off my pay, would it be on this week's or the next one?" I had to completely restate my question and explain that I was asking hypothetically before I could get a "This one has already gone out, so it'd be on your next pay" from him. Then also later at night, a guy called saying he hadn't been given his $15 change, so an offer was made that if we found it at the end of the night, he could come by and pick it up. Steve first of all would not stop saying that he could be sure he'd given that guy his change (or some variant thereof), yet at the end of the night, when it was found that he was ~$10 over (not $15, but still), he put it in the safe without another word. So I decided to write a note on my own about it just in case the guy called again, later in the morning, but somewhere between mopping the floor and changing out of my uniform I lost the receipt with his phone number on it, and thus was left with no choice but crumpling the note up. I'm becoming much too involved there anyways lately. If the phone rings, somebody else can answer it, and the only other note I plan on writing for now will be to ask Melissa for those three days in August and September off.

As for other things besides those, I'm just really hoping I can get back to how I was feeling and what I was doing with my time last night. It was relaxing being home from work, and productive for catching up on some things I had started slipping back into putting off, and I might also break my rule a second time and get some snacks from 7-11 on the way. I already did on Saturday night anyways, and I wasn't even able to have cereal for breakfast this morning, which doesn't bode well for supper. Mom says they'll be having chicken and rice, so there might be some of that left, but even so, 7-11 stocks these now, and, contrary to what many other people seem to be saying, I like them <3 Besides, I want to cut back on those 5-cent candies anyways, as the point will soon come where I start buying $5 worth at a time, and it's rather irresponsible of me to be buying them so frequently anyways when I don't know what nutritional info is associated with any of the different types. But yeah. I'll probably do that, but I have a 7 hour shift to get through first. Last time I worked through supper on a Monday I was able to get alot of stuff caught up for the closers though, so hopefully this time goes the same. I just need to respond to this email first so I don't have to worry about it~

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