Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Three Places to Go Later

Right. First it was one, then changed to two which I could understand, and now three which I'm really quite angry about.

Money Mart? Enough is enough. I want to pay $7.50 - that is seven dollars and fifty cents - a month. How many times do I need to go there and effectively be told "everything is under control and we've fixed your problem" before you actually do? I think the only funny part about this is how all I feel like doing right now is going there, shaking the card angrily at whoever is behind the counter, and walking out, but seriously, I have my recent transactions open in another tab right now. TekSavvy took their monthly payment for June on the 30th, and I was charged 50 cents. Fine, that's part of the plan I want to be on, and true to that, I went to the store later that same day and put ten dollars on my card. Technically only eight though, because there's a $2 store load fee, yet as before, we skip ahead to today, July 13th, and I see a new entry in the list for "Fee - monthly service fee" of $15.

As for the other two, my new tail arrived today, but is shorter than I wanted it to be. I can't be too displeased though, because I'm the one who said I wanted it to be "about three feet", and didn't provide a picture of my other tail for reference. Still, the offer to replace it for free has been extended, so all I need do is re-address the package once I'm done here (apparently you can only write "Return to sender" if you haven't opened it), and head out to Shoppers as well. The other downside to that is how I'll be forced to use my old tail again for another three or four weeks, but it only requires a new piece of duct tape to support one of the belt loops, and I haven't fixed it yet purely because it never seems important until I'm at work. Speaking of which, that will be the third place I go, and hopefully for better reasons. I double checked with Steve last night and he was quite certain we'd be getting our vacation pay this week, and it wouldn't be a proper Tuesday if I didn't go there either. Oh, and since it's also related to work, to the lady who came in last night with a complaint, I was trying to explain that the item you ordered comes more than one way. You can have it on its own, in either of the box meals we sell right now, in a combo, or in the new two-pack promotion, so kindly don't get irate with me and accuse "us people in this country" of not being able to figure things out on our own. It was primarily your mistake, but even so, I apologize. The night staff drew the short straw for learning how to read minds, but if you come back in about a month, we'd be delighted and much better equipped to give your order a second try. At least she got a refund and left without any further fuss.

I don't think much else has happened to make note of yet though, so I'm off to take care of my running around. Package to re-address, recent transactions to have printed out, and of course, by the time I get home I'll likely be better off going straight to washing dishes, so I have a fairly full evening ahead. Everything had better go well~

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