Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Slow Starts Are Much Better

Great way to start things off. Aside from eating breakfast, my day had not officially begun until I'd completed two more puzzles in Pic Pic. I was doing well enough on them yesterday, but left one half-solved when I went to bed, which I finished after eating my cereal, and then a second one because I felt like continuing. Same thing even now, in fact, but I'm sure if I do that I'll feel bad for not writing this, and I can get at least a start into the third before I leave for work anyways. That being said, I'm still not looking forward to going there tonight, but depending on how things go for supper here, I may head out for a few snacks instead of sitting outside to rest. I ended up wandering over to The Bargain (!) Shop after Shoppers yesterday and picked up a few things there, and in so doing noticed they have big bags of those new Skittles, so I want a couple. As for closing with Mary and Gabby, come what may. Orlando told me enough about them while we were walking home on Monday night to give me plenty of things to keep an eye out for (hypocrisy for the most part), and it'll probably be busy which will save me having to worry about certain other things.

Going back to walking around yesterday though, I'd say it went mostly well. My pay this week is almost $900, $570 of that coming from the hours I worked alone, and I'll be getting another $80 from Manoah before the weekend <3 Truth be told I don't have any immediate plans for it, but my options for non-edible stuffs are pretty much limited to buying Super Mario Galaxy 2 (if I can find it), so maybe I'll have to look around after we get groceries tomorrow. Moving on, dropping my tail off at Shoppers was nothing special, and it's been sent off again at an expense of $7.77. One of the few times the in-store price has matched the estimate I was given online, so that was an amusing coincidence if nothing else. As for Money Mart, however, well, I think the lady was just trying to get rid of me, because it took her a couple seconds to come up from the back even after I walked in, and once she was at the counter, I saw another guy poke his head out from behind the wall for a moment. I'm sorry, but am I disturbing you? Anyways, she told me I needed to call the number on the card and explain my situation, and as I was walking out the door I started wondering if I should go back in and say "But last time I was in here I was told that if they charged me $15 this month I should come in again", but it wasn't the same lady, and I was already making preparations to return tomorrow and hope to see the same person I've been speaking to about it. Once I got home though, I saw this comment, and, even being a bit skeptical because they still haven't answered my first question about it, logged in and sent a second message. Just under three hours later, I received this reply.

You are in fact on the Pay as you go plan. As far as the 15.00 fee coming off, I'm sorry about that. That was a computer error that allowed the monthly service fee to also be collected in accordance to your old Mastercard plan. I have reversed 2 of those monthly fees, and you should not see any double charges going forward.

My balance is indeed $35.51 now too, but I'm not completely satisfied yet. The second time I went to Money Mart I was told roughly the same thing, and noticed they had indeed refunded two of the $15 charges, but the monthly fee never changed. Secondly, see how they say "computer error that allowed the monthly service fee to also be collected"? That would imply they were taking $22.50 a month. Unless she's assuming I was on the pay-as-you-go plan with my Mastercard as well, in which case 7.50×2 does equal 15, but in short I am, once again, still somewhat concerned. There's no way to know for another month yet though.

More immediately, I think I'll just go back to Pic Pic. Nothing else to do today, so at least it's somewhat productive~

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