Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is Really Appropriate

The final puzzle I finished in Pic Pic tonight, and the reason I'm still awake at quarter to 7 in the morning, is titled "Sleeping". Exactly what I wish I could be doing right now, but no, it depicted a person in bed with a blanket pulled up over them, and the detail on the blanket had me maddeningly frustrated for the better part of a half hour. Or maybe it's more the fact that I was working on them for almost the whole day again, but I did do other things. The first two were planned, being buying Super Mario Galaxy 2 and stopping at work to get the money Manoah owed me, but I also went to Subway for supper, and am thinking ahead to the weekend now because I have more special plans to consider. I work a 6-12 shift on Saturday, which will make it impossible for me to go on the next trip everybody else has planned with them. Only to Sarnia this time, but Adam's taking everybody out for supper because apparently Trish and Ericka absolutely must be taken to Swiss Chalet before they go back home. In any case, it's pretty much the same situation I was facing last Wednesday. I'll have the house to myself for a couple hours, and it would be fun to get something special for supper as such, so I think I'll go to Bun Master this time. Wendys would be my second choice, but the only way I could go there is to pick up some food before work and leave it in one of the heated cabinets for 6 hours. Not at all ideal. I have $20 though, left from only depositing $60 of the eighty Manoah gave me, so a few more pizza buns and cheese sticks would be quite nice <3

Outside of that, my plans for tomorrow are nothing special, but we just got groceries today so it may be more worth my while to make something at home again. That and the rest of this big chocolate bar I have left over from the other night, but what I'm trying to do here is convince myself to not pay 7-11 another visit so soon. I did finally realize just a few days ago that the one on Grand does sell ice cream bars and such, but no. I do want a big bag of corn puffs though, so maybe I'll head out a bit further to Food Basics before I sit down at work tomorrow. We'll see.

Moving onto the other thing I've been putting off all day now, the person who I'm commissioning a story from emailed me today to say they'd be starting on mine next week, and had a few questions. The first was what I'd be wearing in the cover (normal clothes, or something more fantasy based), and the second about the ending. The setting and how it'll happen has all been worked out, but I've neglected to, and still can't think of a reason for me to set out to that place. I know the vagueness isn't helping, but I'd like to give away as few details as possible at the moment. Problem is I can't think of anything though. I had an idea that involved a member of our party being attacked by somebody in that place, then chasing them to the ending area, but the only way that could work is if I ran off without waiting for anybody else, except for one other person who came along to try and reason with me. Still, even in that case the person who had attacked us wouldn't mean anything, so I have to start over. It's quite like certain puzzles in Pic Pic, actually. I can get something going that seems to work, and can solve most of the puzzle with basic logic, but right at the end only one or two squares will be off, and I'll have to clear out an entire 8×8 (or possibly more) square area and try again. Of course, it could be noted that doing that often leads to the proper solution, in which case I'd be bound to figure out some way to lead up to the ending of my story, but it hasn't happened yet.

Anyways, I do have a second email to send out as well, and it doesn't require nearly as much thought, so I'm off to take care of that. Then bed since I start work at 5 tomorrow, and it's late enough already~

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