Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Disadvantages of Independence

Something from work tonight still bothers me. The fact that I chose to wash some dishes while waiting for it to be 11 does not mean I lack initiative. In fact, it should mean I have quite enough, and unless I'm mistaken the person who was complaining simply doesn't like how I work on my own instead of consulting a manager before doing anything. Apparently I should've helped Mary up front, but you know what? If Mary needed help, I'm sure she would've asked, and how dare you even presume to give me a hard time for doing something you disapprove of when I've been working since 5pm (it was about 10:30 at the time) without a break, when you'd been working for just over two hours and were already going out for a smoke. No. I do not care for you, new manager. This isn't a day shift, which means we do things differently. Further proof of my choice of task not being wrong is how after I finished what I had been assigned to do, I swept the floor entirely of my own accord, then asked Mary "Is there anything else that needs to be done? If not, I'll work on dishes for my last 20 minutes", and she said (in not so many words) that no, they were fine. Am I insubordinate? Most definitely, but if I wanted somebody to hold my hand throughout my entire shift, I wouldn't be working closes. On the good side of things, I have those three days off, starting in August and ending in September, which is almost certainly guaranteed. Unfortunately, to go back to bad things for one more moment, just before she left, Melissa said she needed to speak to me, and we went back to the office. She wanted to know what time we closed on Sunday night, and after thinking about who was working then and what it was like, told her ten-to, because I was pretty sure that's when Steve gave the word. Upon hearing that she asked me to put it in writing, and I have no idea what's going to happen now. I did notice Brandon writing a note as well, possibly about the same thing, but tomorrow is the soonest I'll learn of any developments.

Outside of those, it was an okay afternoon. I like next week's schedule much more for how my weekend shifts see me being done at 11 and 10pm respectively, as compared to midnight twice in a row that I'm working right now. I like having options for where to go afterward even though tonight I decided that I'd go home, and if there wasn't any supper left over there, head out to 7-11. There still wasn't, but I didn't feel like going anywhere either, so I attempted to make another omelette. "Attempted" because there wasn't enough egg on each side or I should've used more cooking spray or something, but both halves stuck to the pan, so I ended up with scrambled eggs that had cheese and bologna mixed in <3 My night since then hasn't been particularly interesting, thanks mostly to laying here for a couple hours working on Pic Pic and that email I still needed to send out (the one I was trying to figure out an answer for yesterday), but both have, to my mind, been solved now. Pic Pic is still far from completely finished, but another two puzzles are done, and as for that email, I am but am also not invoking my right to say "It's my story, and I don't want it to be written like that." Do we need some specific (in their words, "epic") reason to make it to the final area / setting in it? No, because all that'd serve to do is obscure what I want that setting to represent. There's no telling when they'll respond just yet, but I hope it's soon, because I am happy with things as I'm seeing them. Oh, and since it's related, trying to work out those details made me want to play Okami very badly again. Probably just long enough to clear the first field area and watch the cutscene of the flowers sprouting up and everything becoming lush and vibrant again, but yeah. That and Super Mario Galaxy 2, because I didn't buy it just for show.

As for the rest, plans for tomorrow are still more or less the same as I laid out last night. Bun Master and Food Basics for sure, with other places to be left until next weekend. I seem to slowly be settling into a routine with where and when I go out for snacks or to other places these days. Most prominent are invariably going to work every other Tuesday to get my pay stub and walking home from Real Canadian Superstore on Thursday so I can buy snacks along the way, but it's better than going out every time I had a day off like before. In any case though, it's time I was going to bed for tonight, because I still have some cleaning up left to do, and would like to be asleep by 7 this time. Last night was restful enough, but tonight could be even better~

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