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Strange Noises

WTF? I'm upstairs in my room right now, and I could swear someone's pissing out their window next to us :x At first I thought it was rain, but, well...

Anyways, need to be getting to bed soon, because I am going volunteering in the morning. Still a bit hesitant about bringing my laptop, but I suppose all there is to do is bring it in, and see what gets said. If things don't work out, then I'll just go back to using my PSP.

Work tonight was alright though. Got to leave early (1:30) which was nice, as well as that all I really did throughout the night was just cleaning things up and stuff. I cleaned both fryers (as in drained, scrubbed, and refilled them), and gave myself a couple more burns in the process, and I also washed almost all of the dishes, and otherwise helped on line when needed. Steve was steaming tonight though, which sucked. I swear the guy doesn't know how to get fries himself. All it takes is a couple extra seconds to walk over to the fry dump and grab them, but he always had to have someone else get them.

Tomorrow night's going to be worse though. The closers are Earl, Mark, John, Steve, and me. With Earl there, we won't be able to bag line early, but that can be overlooked, I guess. After tomorrow though, I have Saturday off, which is going to be sweet.

Time for bed though. I need to be up early in the morning, so I might as well try to get to bed early as well :p

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