Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Still Lack Foresight

Two times in one day I had two separate, equally rare opportunities that I completely neglected to take advantage of. The first was waking up feeling genuinely sick, and not realizing that I could call work and tell them I wouldn't be in. That would've been awesome just for today too. I desperately needed some more sleep, and would've had the place to myself thanks to everybody else being in Sarnia, but no, I didn't think about going downstairs to get the phone until 3:30, which was a half hour too late. Still, I've been wondering since then what would've happened if I'd mentioned that at work. Just something simple like "If I had thought to do so sooner, I would've called in sick today" in response to somebody asking me why I didn't look well, but it didn't get brought up once. As for the second opportunity, I was allowed to leave work at 9pm tonight. It wasn't busy, and everything else was caught up, so I took that $20 over to Subway, and some of the change to 7-11 from there, since I didn't get out to Bun Master earlier, for not thinking it very high on my list of things to do. The thing is, I can't remember the last time I got done work at 9pm. Not in several years at least, yet I didn't do anything special at all. I could've gone just about anywhere - up to Real Canadian Superstore and / or Walmart, over to Shoppers or to McDonalds for the flurry I've been meaning to get, or down the street to Harveys for supper instead of up to Subway, which I had just two days, from the same location as well. Thankfully, not all hope is lost, because as mentioned yesterday my shifts next weekend end at 10 and 11, but all in all, I'm disappointed with myself. Now I have to wait until Wednesday or really really early Thursday morning to go out to Bun Master again, and have no idea about any other places.

Still, being sick was definitely a big part of that, which brings me to my next topic:

When I went to bed last night, the only thing amiss was how I had a dull headache, but I assumed it was because I'd been working on the same thing ever since I got home from work, and the monotony was starting to get to me. Then, however, I woke up a couple hours later (at 8am) in moderate pain. Something confined more or less to the lower half of my body, and it's happened before, so off I went into the bathroom to take the same actions I did last time to solve the problem. This time, of course, was different. I still felt really tired having just laid down at 6, as you might expect, and because I'd seen so much of Pic Pic before calling it a night, that's all I could see when I closed my eyes. My brain was quite literally working it into my situation too, because I kept telling myself "If I can just figure this part out I'll feel better", but I'd never be able to do so before waking up even slightly and distracting myself, which altogether made me feel extremely nauseous. Not enough that I had to get on my knees in front of the toilet or anything, but I scraped together enough resolve to drink a couple glasses of water and go lay down in bed again. I think that lasted all of ten minutes though, because I started reading random articles from my RSS feeds to pass the time, and midway through one started feeling more discomfort than before, so I went back into the bathroom again. Then the real fun started. In my entire life thus far, I've never once passed out or fainted (to my knowledge), but I'd have to say I came frighteningly close this morning. The second time I went into the bathroom my entire body started buzzing (the feeling only), much like your hand or foot does when it's "waking up" from having fallen asleep, but much more intense. Enough so that I truly felt if I didn't so something to correct the problem soon, I would end up passing out right then and there. I couldn't think beyond what I was feeling, and it felt as if I was slowly slipping further and further away from consciousness, but yeah. Eventually I got tired of it and sat down in the tub, where I wiped my legs and arms down with a damp facecloth, and surprisingly enough, that helped just enough. I was able to get back up on the toilet and sit there before several more minutes before Adam started knocking on the door, so I went back into my room still in pain and with the buzzing feeling returning as soon as I laid down, but it didn't take long for some part of my brain to say "Know what? You're going to go unconscious anyways, whether it be from passing out or falling asleep, so you might as well put your head back on your pillow. I did, and was quite thoroughly out until 2pm after that, when I woke up to my alarm clock, and instantly felt the incredible urge to go to the bathroom thanks to all the water I had consumed hoping it would do something.

As noted in the cut, I've experienced the same general problem before, but the solution was to simply drink a couple glasses of water and wait for it to make its way through my body and eventually be expelled. That was all, but I could never put a name to it before, and just by chance I thought of what it could be when I woke up today. Stomach flu, or as Wikipedia prefers to call it, gastroenteritis. I wasn't necessarily experiencing all of the listed symptoms, but certainly enough, and it's all I can think of given the possible causes. I mean, go back to last night with what I ate upon getting home from work. There was half a large chocolate bar, which I was originally going to blame because of the memory of how it tasted after I'd eaten too much of it, but that's almost certainly psychological. There were also, however, those eggs that I tried to make an omelette out of, but failed, and just dumped onto the plate and broke apart. I noticed runny bits here and there, but thought they must have been the cheese I put in. Obviously there's no way of knowing for sure now, but the chocolate bar was prepackaged, meaning the odds of it being contaminated in some way are negligible. The eggs on the other hand came straight from the fridge, and had enough happen to them (reaching into the bowl to get pieces of the shell that fell in, possibly not cooking them properly, and so on, to leave plenty of room for question. I feel moderately ill even now, more than 12 hours after the fact, but I'm hoping a better night's sleep will aid that, and since the weekend is over with yet again, I can go to bed without setting my alarm, because I'd never be able to sleep until 7pm.

Bits of interest outside of that are limited pretty much to hearing from somebody I'm commissioning, to say they'd get the updated version of the sketch to me soon (you'd figure) and everybody being back from their trip now, but I have no interest in going into detail about those tonight. The most important thing on my mind is going to bed, and I'd better soon because I can barely keep my eyes open~

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