Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One More Similar Start

This would be a nice day to have off, as even though I've been up for almost an hour now I still have no desire to do anything. Well, there is one diversion common to the past couple days that I'd like to get back into again, but I know if I go to that, everything else will get pushed aside and it'll be 7 before I know it. That cannot happen, especially this afternoon though, because I have a different idea of something to have when I get home from work. Last night I wanted to go to Tim Hortons, but ended up stopping at 7-11 again because George wanted to go for a slurpee and I joined him but got different things. Tonight, however, I'd definitely like some donuts, but instead of risking waiting until after work, when it'd both be late and they'd have barely anything to pick from, I plan to go sometime within the next couple hours. I like the feeling of knowing I can go too, because for the first time in a couple months I have a little more money than I know what to do with. As noted in a previous entry, I have Super Mario Galaxy 2 now (which Adam is already asking to play), which was about my only non-food purchase until our next pay, at which point I'll get, well, I don't even know. Thing is, I still had ~$1,260 in my checking account, so I transferred another hundred of that to my savings just before I went to bed last night (the thought came to me literally right after I put my head down on the pillow), and will definitely do the same this time next week if I don't come up with anything else to spend it on.

Speaking of bed, apparently certain things last night had a stronger effect on me than I thought they did, for the one dream I can still remember now involved me being at work, or rather just walking in to go change, and seeing my air conditioner back in the middle, all yellowed with age and oil buildup, and with the ventilation hose just about snapped in half, draped up on top of the cabinet. My first reaction was to shout (to anybody in range) "You guys broke it!", and then my second was to find the person responsible and yell at them until my lungs gave out, but really that's what I felt like doing last night anyways. The first part was just beautiful, while I was still sitting outside and the storm was approaching. Dark, cloudy, forebodingly gray skies, with everything completely quiet for once, and then the rain came, so needless to say, if I didn't have to work, I could've just sat out there for at least a couple hours <3 But then work and busyness came, and way down at the end of the night the four people who came in with large orders during the last ten minutes, and everything else in between. I am definitely glad to have those days off in August, but alas, when the first doesn't come until the 31st, they still seem so far away. Going back to the rain again though, I'm also disappointed to see the severe thunderstorm warning has gone away this afternoon. It was rather surprising coming home last night and still seeing it on the page, but as best as I can tell, not one drop fell past about midnight.

Oh, and look at this now. I've left the above sitting here for the better part of an hour while I went to do other things (sending a couple emails out), and now I don't feel like going anywhere at all. It does work to my advantage in a way, but I know as soon as I set out for work, I'll want donuts again, and I'm not about to buy however many and leave them in my bag all night. Well, in any case, there's no sense in procrastinating. Continuing with looking ahead to later, it goes without saying the instant we get busy at work I'll find myself longing to be at home, so I have just one more thing to do and then I'll be off. here, at long last, is but one sketch out of the several commissions I have going right now <3 Certainly the best, and if you can't view it that's because it is just a sketch and therefore has been uploaded to my protected gallery, but yeah. It's about time I showed one of those off~

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