Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Definitely Worth a Reward

I think it's been decided. Once I finish here, I'll be taking a walk out to Real Canadian Superstore. Why? Because I need to get out and go somewhere this afternoon / evening, and am not content to patronize 7-11 this time. Well, I'd probably visit both Real Canadian Superstore and Dollarama, to be fair, but the latter depends on whether or not they're still open when I get out there. Now, why, you may ask, do I want to do this? I have, since yesterday afternoon, been working on Pic Pic to the exclusion of everything but eating and going to the bathroom. I started out with five puzzles, and finished the first four by 4am, but one corner - not a large section, just the corner of the final puzzle had me stumped until earlier this afternoon, when I found a very helpful file. Specifically the partial solution for [7][5][7], because after that it was just a matter of trying all the options available to find the correct one. Thus, without any further ado, I am finally able to present level 5, and yes, I could most definitely do with never seeing the game again. It has been bordering on an obsession, with with it finished, I can move on to other things. Well, one of two options, at the moment.

Remember what I said about how getting that story commission made me want to write one of my own? I could do that now. Or actually, no I couldn't. Last I heard from Feathertail (because I'm getting tired of calling him "the author"), he was going to do some research on what my story would involve, and was also pretty sure the free picture he mentioned didn't have to be related to the story. The free picture thing obviously isn't an issue (outside of having to come up with an idea for it), but towards him doing research for my story, I can't very well go ahead and start writing one of my own if the other one hasn't been finished yet. If I do, I'll just end up losing interest in that commission, and that'd be a waste of both $40 for the story, and the ~$65 I have thus far spent on the cover. Complications and whatnot aside, that simply means I can't start writing something of my own yet. No big deal either, because there's nothing stopping me from going downstairs in the afternoon now instead of staying up here until I have to leave for work, and playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. Not today, because Adam's already using the Wii, but maybe now I can get caught up again on that list of games I want to play a second, third, or, in the case of Tales of Symphonia, 8th time. I'll admit that one worries me a bit, because the reason I enjoyed it so much before was because I could really identify with it, but there's no way to know until I've tried.

By far the most important (aside from going out for snacks) right now though is replying to people I'm commissioning. One person just told me they'll be sending my picture out within the next couple days (so maybe I'll get both it and my new tail in the same week <3), and there's not much I can say to them aside from "Okay", but there are two more. The first has a new sketch for me to approve, and the second, well, they're the ones I've been waiting on since February. Our brief conversation and clarifying of things last night led to a cryptic "Surprise it is being both out of clear and the cream color!" from them. Am I to assume that means you have no clear or cream-colored plastic (the commission in question is that set of two keychains) anymore? I've waited for six months only to be told "I'm all out"? At the moment, I plan to email them again asking for clarification, and to see how much longer I'd have to wait for them to get more of either of those colors.

Either way, I don't like how cluttered this entry is becoming anymore, and it's getting really dark out there, so I might as well head off before it starts to rain. There's a severe thunderstorm watch here, which I wouldn't mind so much if it doesn't hit until I'm outside, so I'll get out there and hope for the best. At worst, I'll just end up having another shower when I get home~

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