Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

If Only It Were Yesterday

As nice as this storm is right now, I hope it's over with by the time I leave for work. I've been thinking some, and decided it would be better to put another $20 on my Visa today, since the 28th is coming up rather fast and I'm not about to be caught unprepared to pay for the internet. My shopping last night did take a bit more than I'd expected (~$30), but with that $20 at Money Mart as well, I'll have ~$1090, and I can live with that. Of course, if Manoah works tonight he'll probably also ask to borrow money, but that's of no consequence as long as I expect it.

In more detail though, walking out to Real Canadian Superstore and the other places near there was fun, but I've been taking for granted just how much difference stopping at Taco Bell for a glass of water makes. I resolved not to yesterday, and by the time I made it out to to the second-last intersection (at Gregory Drive), I was extremely sweaty, sticky, feeling as if I was going to collapse, and the left side of my body was unnaturally warm and numb. So I picked up a bottle of water at Dollarama, and had more success with things after that. Walmart didn't have exactly what I was after, but I made do with buying a small cake for $3 (seemed like a good price), and two large bags of flavored jelly beans for the same price each <3 As for Real Canadian Superstore, a big bag of corn twists (not puffs, apparently), Hickory Sticks, and I completely forgot to look at the cereals. I'm getting somewhat tired of going downstairs in the morning and being able to find naught but bags of cereal with little crumbly bits left in the bottom, so I'm considering buying a couple boxes just for myself every other week. Certainly not the cheapest idea I've ever had, but as long as I have that extra ten dollars from giving Mom gas money, I might as well put it to worthwhile use.

As for the rest of the evening after that, I'd say it was just as eventful. There was a point where I was getting terribly bored, and watched part of a movie which was even more boring, but after working past that, I finally got around to organizing my torrents, in such that there are two folders now, one for those that are seeding, and the other for files that are still downloading, instead of having a bunch of folders scattered about the root of the drive. Then after that I got the brilliant idea to try and find all the music I could by a particular artist, after hearing Naomi listen to some that I'd never heard before but sounded familiar. Problem is, this artist goes or has gone by several (at least six) different aliases, and trying to find one or two largely insignificant albums for each is both a tedious and nigh-on impossible process, especially when the only torrents available have no seeders to speak of. So in the end I gave up, and said I'd be happy with what I had, but even though I did take the time to organize and properly tag all of those last night (once again, MP3Tag is an amazing program), they still have to be copied over to all the appropriate places.

In better news though, I have a few quick commission updates to note before I go off to have a shower and take care of the above mentioned task. Number one, that tail I sent back to exchange made it safely, and the next one I get should be exactly 36 inches. The person making it thinks that might be a bit too long, and could just barely drag on the ground when in use, but I'm more inclined to have my hopes it won't. I don't think I'm that much taller than anybody else, but if not that, my legs are definitely longer. Anyways, moving onto the second, I finally replied to somebody else about a sketch they sent me back on the 21st, and heard from them again this morning to say they'd start coloring it right away. Finally, that reply I said I was confused about regarding the keychains yesterday has been made clear to me, or rather I finally realized what they were trying to say: "Surprise it is!" (in response to me telling them the final option would be to take whatever color of plastic they could give me) "I'm out of both the cream and clear colors." I'm still annoyed at not having been given the option to wait until they got more, but maybe they're out permanently or something. In which case I could be displeased about the timing, but I'm not about to give up just yet. A surprise could be nice.

Anyways, I have other things to take care of now, and exactly an hour with which to do them. I think I can manage~

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