Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What Was I Thinking?

I take back everything I said earlier about hoping the rain would stop before I left for work. If it were possible to be fatally injured from exposure to heat / sunlight / humidity (specific diseases aside), I would not be here writing this right now. When the rain went away, it took all semblance of cool temperatures with it, along with the clouds present in the sky up to that point, so for my entire walk I had the sun beating down on me, humidity and heat worse than I remember experiencing at all since summer started, and indeed I can't be content to sit in the dining room at work and cool down there instead. No matter where I stop, I'll start sweating as soon as I sit down, so not only does that not look very good when I'm inside, but it's also been my experience that by sitting outside, I become accustomed to the temperature out there by the time I have to go in, so it feels somewhat cooler inside, whereas it'd be uncomfortably warm if I were to cool off by other means. Oh, and before I could even sit down I had to go out to Money Mart, but it's pretty typical for me to go in there looking a mess these days. I think given a choice I'd rather be drenched with rain than sticky with sweat, and storms are being forecast for the entire day tomorrow, so I just might get my wish.

Well, one, that is. My second is that George will let me leave at 9 so I can get supper from someplace special or walk up to Walmart for more of those jelly beans (not likely, but the thought is fun), but again, that'll depend on how busy it is, and staying until when the schedule says I'm supposed to be done would require me to work only an extra hour anyway. On second thought though, I also like the idea of not going anywhere until I get paid, because I still have those two big bags of snacks, but we'll see. It's pretty much a given that I'll go to 7-11 at least once before Thursday, but I could do with putting it off for as long as possible. Now, getting back to tomorrow again, I also have another project on the go, since I'm all done with Pic Pic. Picross DS, now that DeSmuME has been updated and it works in the emulator. Did the first two levels tonight, and while there may already be guides on GameFAQs, I would like to complete it purely for myself. Besides, as noted a couple days ago, there isn't much else I can do with Trish and Ericka still using the living room for what its name implies.

As for tonight at work, it was, in a single word, awful. Whether it be due to not getting enough sleep or exhaustion from not being able to take even a minute to rest there, I was out of it by 8pm, which caused me to make way too many mistakes while taking orders, and also to break two of the light covers out in the dining room. I'm tired of this incessant switching back and forth, but I've been thinking about something else regarding work since I got home, and have come up with an idea that could solve my current problems. Give me a full month vacation (unpaid if you so desire) for me to forget how things are done there. Would be far easier than trying to keep up with the ever-changing rules and other goings-on that I'm so terribly fond of these days. I could also hold out until the end of the summer and hope Melissa starts scaling back on how many supper shifts she schedules me for, but before I get too caught up in all this negativity, there was one truly awesome thing about the night. The sunset. Looking out the windows on one side of the building, all I could see were dark blue skies, but looking out the other, a deep shade of purple. That actually had me somewhat worried about bad weather at first, but it continued to blow over, and I was left with a view of oranges and yellows and purples in such arrangement that I usually don't see in the sky. Everything off in the distance was brightly lit, and I couldn't help wondering if that perhaps meant out there was still lit up well. I'll probably never know, but it was a beautiful sight to see <3

Now it's time I was getting to bed. I don't think I'll sleep until 3 tomorrow, as that would give me only an hour to eat breakfast and get ready for work, but I may go for at least 2:30. I just don't want to become horribly tired again~

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