Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

5×3 is not Equal to 15

I just can't make up my mind about spending money, apparently. To go one direction, I have no qualms about spending ten dollars or more on snacks from 7-11 or anywhere else, yet to go in another, and do and spend $15 on music as I've done just now, seems completely unjustifiable. Something about it being three separate $5 payments, but even with those I should have about $70 left. Should it make a difference, this is the artist and / or name responsible for the music I'm talking about. I already have some of it on my PSP to listen to on the way home tonight, but if it's anything like yesterday, I'll forgo listening to music for the entire walk simply to enjoy the quiet. This is the route I took, and while it's nothing spectacular in terms of distance, I did find myself thinking "I can't believe I'm almost home already" once I started up Cross street. That is exactly the feeling I'm going for though. If I go all-out and walk the longest ways home from work I can find right away, then the idea behind not going straight home will be over in just one or two nights. However, by starting small and working up, I am consistently left with wanting to do more next time. Of course, there will eventually come a point where I've exhausted everything anyways, but by that point winter should be here, and I'd like to think there's a marked difference between walking home when it's warm outside, compared to when it's cold and there's snow and ice on the ground. Besides, my decision to start doing this again couldn't have come at a better time, because just last night at work I heard a bit on the radio about how one's body can become used to a certain level of exercise after a time, so as soon as you start feeling comfortable, you should increase whatever it is you do.

That solves one of the problems making me feel stuck in a rut again, and I think work is a pretty simple matter too. It's being on all these supper shifts I don't like. By far the worst part of last night was the last ten minutes, when two groups of people came in with a total of seven orders, and aside from that, everything went fine. I am very, very slightly annoyed, however, at Randi (a new girl) always trying to strike up conversation with me and asking if I need help (which is far from limited exclusively to me, but I can't speak for anybody else), but such is what happens with new people. Anyways though, the night on a whole was fine, but I won't even be getting to the end of the week before having to work another couple 5-11 shifts. If and when Melissa asks us to update our availability, I'll be changing mine to start no sooner than 6pm, with exception for Friday and Saturday. The rest of the week is far from busy enough to require my being there so early in the afternoon. As for the third and final issue now, I have realized again (for the second or third time now) that it's silly for me to be getting caught up in something that would otherwise not be worth my time. Mind you, I have a new way of looking at it now too, but the overall solution is to look at it from an angle of "You kids go do whatever you like. The way I see this topic is far removed from anything you could comprehend." This is really a terrible thing to try writing about too, when I insist on being so vague, but to be completely forthcoming and not hide anything would be to go against one of my most important rules.

I suppose I should finish this and go convert these last two albums with my remaining 50 minutes today though. I don't expect work to go quite so well tonight, but if nothing else I have snacks or lasagna to look forward to at home, and then a day off tomorrow. I notice I'm not quite so stressed out at the prospect of only getting single days off this week either, but going back to last Tuesday, I could've been in a bit of a mood then because I was trying to finish Pic Pic, and had to go to work instead of being able to continue with it. In any case, things are getting better now, and I do think they should stay that way for a while to come~

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