Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Patience Isn't Always Good

I've been waiting for this night for close to a week now, and look what happens. My laptop bluescreens for the first time since I last reinstalled XP, and completely ruins everything I was planning to do. For one, before tonight it had been running for close to 50 days straight. I was going to take a screenshot of that, because it's somewhat unusual. As well, my total share ratio in uTorrent was finally almost 1.000, so I was going to take a screenshot of that too, and also of the status bar showing that I'd uploaded 100GB that session. But no, of course, I'd try to do too much at once or something like that, which would cause my laptop to effectively freeze up, necessitating turning it off, and after that I restarted it five more times trying to sort out problems. One of the newer things I'd downloaded was a game that needed to be installed from CD images. Thing is, I didn't have any virtual drive programs installed, but that torrent included Daemon Tools, which requires a restart to function properly. So I was, in essence, stuck between a rock and a hard place. At least until tonight, that is.

Seeing as I had to restart anyways, I figured some good could come out of it because I could finally install that game, but no, Windows kept complaining about the CDs being improperly formatted and unreadable, even after multiple restarts and updating the program, so I gave up, deleted that torrent completely, and downloaded another which will be finished by Friday if I'm lucky. Oh, and as for that music I downloaded earlier and was going to work over, I won't be getting to it until tomorrow now. Also, George had a favor to ask tonight. He wants me to download the complete Dr. Who series for him, which I thought would be fine until I got home and started looking for torrents. Apparently this show has been on air since ~1963 and is still running, so the size of the torrent I'll be eventually downloading for him? Two hundred and one gigabytes. Yeah. The only way I'll have that much space is if I were to delete the rest of my torrents, or transfer them over to my other laptop (something I'm strongly considering), and even then, it's taken me nearly a month to upload 100GB at ~30kB/s. I hate to think what downloading twice that at less than half the speed (right now) will take.

In better news, I received both an update to the cover for my story, and to the story itself while I was off at work tonight. The former is nothing unusual, but the latter led me to realize there are still some details to be worked out. Their previous commissioner's story is completely finished now, so I have at least that to keep and mind if and when I'm eagerly awaiting a response from them again, but one setting in particular is causing problems right now. It is, of course, a mountain, which I imagine as being nothing more than a really tall hill, and how would you climb a really tall hill? Strap yourself into a harness and everything else, or just go for it and free-climb? Perhaps the better question to ask would be how you would go about climbing a normal hill. The way I'm looking at the mountain in the story is that, except with the height multiplied by ten. I don't want to get all caught up in the specific details of climbing and whatnot, really. It adds to the realism, sure, but if I wanted realism, I would've chosen to base it entirely on my real life. Also, they're the second or third person now who's started using "he" or "his" when referring to things about me, but that's more of a minor thing I'm particular about, and made sure to note just that in the email as well.

Anyways, I might as well use my still being awake and alert right now to go start working through that music. That way I could spend my afternoon, (before going out to get my pay stub, of course) backing things up again. I'm about halfway through right now, and that feels really messy, so I might as well make an effort to finish soon. I just have to make sure not to miss anything this time~

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