Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Not That Difficult

People tonight. Chances are pretty good if I'm walking around without a hat on that means we're closed and I have all the leftover food put away, but the two of you who came in after we'd closed tonight seem to think you're exceptions to the rule. No amount of pleading in the world is going to magically make that food come out of the bin covered in ice and heat itself up, and to the other guy (or rather his friends) what does me being (to you) the cat guy have to do with anything? Just as with the lady before you, the fact that you recognize me isn't going to just up and change my mind, but you lot seem to think that if you get on my good side I'll relent and offer you something that I've already explained was clearly impossible. As well, the driver of the second group of people who came through is one who pulled in after we'd closed back when we were still only open until 1, and tried to argue with me that the commercials said "2am or later". That they might, but our hours are clearly posted over on both doors, and in regards to tonight, for as much as it would seem you know about my job that I don't already, you are completely uninformed of our weekday versus weekend hours, and how does that work? It wasn't a bad night otherwise, even though it was busy for the first three hours, but people continue to be both hopeless and helpless. Including but not limited to some of the staff as well, but that's another story for another time. Maybe tomorrow night, because if I walk home from Real Canadian Superstore I'll get to see one of the five new people that were apparently hired yesterday (indeed, there are five new names on the schedule, but maybe that means I'll get back to working mostly closes again), but we'll see then.

In the meantime, I got my pay stub tonight, and after withdrawing the rest of Mom's money on the way home (for which I took the direct route, as I felt like taking it easy this time), have about four hundred dollars more. Some will go to my savings as soon as I log into Easyweb again, and the rest, well, maybe to a new external drive, but chkdsk appears to have fixed the problem(s) with that other one, and I still don't know whether or not I should trust it to be in perfect working order again. Either way, I also want more userpics for here at the moment. There are a couple specific designs I would quite like to have, but sure enough, I don't have anybody to go to, unless I ask one of the people I've commissioned before. Such is the reason I'm using this new one now, but yeah. Perhaps I'll have to send out one or two new emails tomorrow. Or even tonight at that, but for the moment I'm much to worried about whoever I contact responding to say "No, I'm not accepting new commissions right now. Sorry". That and I'm also decidedly tired, but I was up until ~8am yesterday, so it's no wonder. Oh, well there goes one option now that I've gone to check. The one artist I did have in mind to contact is apparently no longer accepting commissions of any sort. That still doesn't rule out at least one other possibility, but now I'll actually have to send that message out before I finish for the night.

I think I might just do that and be done too, but just before I do, some thoughts I didn't get to last night. This torrent George wants me to download is 201GB. If I only have enough space for it by deleting other things, how well off will he be? I asked how much free space he had on his computer tonight, and his answer was "100 gigabytes" so definitely not. I did suggest he buy an external drive, and he seems to be taking that under consideration, but even so, the torrent is going to literally be months downloading. I'm only 25% of the way through season 1 after two days, and in this complete set of files (which isn't even the whole series to date), there are twenty-six seasons. Yes, 26. By the time I'm done here, I might very well ask him for some compensation. $10, maybe $20 at most, because while we do have unlimited bandwidth, that's an awful lot of stuff to be downloading just out of generosity. I like the feeling and everything, but I've been averaging 200GB per month thus far, and that's with all internet-related activity combined.

Anyways, I have an email to send out, and then sleep. As with everybody else, I hope they'll have responded by the time I wake up~

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