Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Shopping First, then Turkey

I suppose this could still work out. I have the money and a couple specific things I still want to buy out at Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart, so at first I was thinking about going there on Saturday, but on our way out yesterday, Mom asked if I had Saturday off, because turkey and other such holiday-themed items are being made for supper. I want to say it's an indication the end of Trish and Ericka's "vacation" is coming up soon, but the only reason I'm looking forward to them going back home is so I can have the living room to myself when I get home from work, for the purpose of playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. What's more as well, normally when we get groceries, Mom picks up some shampoo and / or deodorant and / or toothpaste, but didn't this week, so I asked her about it, and apparently she won't be able to afford it until, in her words, Trish and Adam have gone back to Arkansas, so maybe things will be coming to an end shortly. Going back to shopping though, I remembered to buy a box of cereal that time, and a second box is indeed one of the things I plan to buy tomorrow as well. That or some other type of cereal, because now that I'm buying it with my own money, I can get any kind I want, but not just any kind, because, how to say, I do take note of the nutritional info on the side, and won't buy a certain type if the values are too high.

They also have another trip to Sarnia coming up, planned for Monday yet again, but as before, I won't be attending. Truly, given a choice between the two I would rather be indoors at work making money, as opposed to outside in the uncomfortable heat because everybody else wants to go for a swim. Not my idea of a fun afternoon, but working that day might also have another advantage, as soon as I find out whether or not it's a time-and-a-half pay holiday. I might finally visit Bun Master before going to work that afternoon as well, but at the moment that's only an idea, and I have another non-food expense to deal with first. As mentioned yesterday, I want more icons, and have to just respond to this artist now so we can get things going. I still need to decide how I want them to look, but at least finding an artist has been settled for now. Unfortunately, that'll leave me a bit short on having money to get snacks, but Naomi owes me $20 and has until the end of this month to get it to me. Adam's already given me his share, both for this month and next (makes more sense than having to find somewhere to get smaller bills), but that'll be used for my shopping tomorrow, and as for buying a new external drive, not yet. I'm not spending ~$200 on a piece of equipment I don't even need yet.

Anyways though, I can't think of very much else to say today, so I'm off to go write a reply regarding those icons and then to get ready for work. I don't expect it to be a very good shift tonight, because both Melissa and Sheila work until 8, but they usually do well enough keeping each other busy arguing amongst themselves, so we'll see. One way or the other, I just need to go do something else for a bit~

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