Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Their Vacation is Almost Over

I'd say something is definitely happening. For at least the past month and a half, every time woken up in the morning and gone downstairs to get cereal, I would see two suitcases on the bed in Adam's room, but today they are gone, or rather have been moved downstairs and have bits of clothing packed away in them. I suppose this could very well be the last full day they're here (and would certainly be appropriate with how I've finally got a day off when they have special plans), but then that wouldn't explain these plans to take another trip to Sarnia next week (unless that's just for our immediate family), so I still don't know. At any rate, I just woke up and went looking for Mom to both ask what time we'd be eating and for this money she has that Naomi owes me, but she's out getting Trish a haircut, or so I'm told. Maybe I'll have to head out at 4 if things haven't come together by then, but if those two are out in Tilbury, they could very well not even be back yet. They'd better get home before though, because I'd like that money for whatever I decide to buy.

Or maybe I'll just completely forgo those plans, at least for today. I really do not want to go without first getting the $20 from Naomi (cereal and jelly beans can't possibly cost that much, but I fully intend to wander around Walmart for a bit to see if anything else catches my interest. As well, I would in truth rather stay home today to take care of other business, specifically getting back to this artist about the icons I want (I thought and thought all day yesterday, but by the time I went to bed had only sent him a message asking "Do they actually have to be headshots, or can I have some be from waist up?". Then as it'll also be August as of midnight, I have monthly emails to send out to the other people I'm commissioning. I know already that all this is going to do is make me get worked up and impatient again until I have another couple days like those that just passed, and then I'll be back to feeling like just giving up on them for the same reason I did before. At least this time there's only one who's really fallen behind in keeping up even the slightest form of progress, but then there's also that replacement tail I was supposed to be getting. To look at it completely objectively you'd think that they got it just before last weekend, so the replacement would definitely be sent out before this Friday. Maybe it has been and they just haven't let me know, but I asked for a picture this time so I could be sure it was long enough, and haven't received that yet either. Getting back to my original train of thought again, there's also a game I want to play (that doesn't require DeSmuME for once) now that I've figured out a way to actually make it work. Perhaps I'll still head out later, at 7pm or so, but for now I'd like the afternoon to relax and stay at home during.

In such light I think that's exactly what I'll do. Not before I go to shave, of course, because all these hairs are getting really irritating, and yeah. I suppose if there's one thing I can definitely be happy about today, it's how it feels like an autumn afternoon in here <3 Really made sleeping quite pleasant, I'll stop right now, because I have better things to do than prattling on about the weather. It's just much nicer, for the first time in a while~

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