Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Always Buy Too Much

Shopping tonight didn't turn out quite like I hoped it would. If I'd just gone for cereal and jelly beans, and come home with only those, that would've been fine. Maybe purchasing some more socks as well, because the set I bought back during the winter has dwindled to one pair. They'll easily hold up until the 12th, and probably well after in fact, but the point is I need some more but didn't buy them when I had the chance just earlier tonight. Instead, I bought the two things I wanted to get, and a bunch more candy. And the best part is how I didn't use any of my cash, because the possibility of going to Tim Hortons on the way home always exists, and if I stop at one of them I'll definitely need some actual money, and yeah. In truth it isn't as horrible as I'm making it out to be (I transferred another hundred dollars to savings just before starting this entry, which leaves me with ~$70 for the next couple weeks), but next time perhaps I will have to leave my debit card at home. It truly is more difficult to hand over cash, at least at places where you're much more accustomed to swiping a card, pressing a few buttons, and being on your way. That aside though, it was a nice walk, and I got yelled at by several people (the most memorable of which were a couple kids in the Food Basics parking lot shouting "CAT MAN!"), but there was one unrelated thought that crossed my mind just before that, which I simply must share.

Back when we as a family were making preparations for our first non-vacation vacation (going to stay at the house of extended family while they were away on an actual vacation), I decided I wanted to bring some computer games along to play. Be sure to note that this took place long enough ago that floppy disks were still common, and the only removable storage media I had access to. A combination of inexperience and, well, I think it was mostly inexperience alone led me to copy shortcuts for all the games I wanted to bring to said disk. That I can remember, they were Age of Empires Gold, and some Bust-a-Move clone that we only had the demo of. They looked perfectly fine on our computer, in my defense. The shortcuts all pointed to valid targets, so their icons displayed correctly, and the programs loaded just as they did any other time when I used those shortcuts, but when we got to Burlington and the other house we would be staying at, I was rather dismayed. It took me a bit of reading the error message to figure out what the problem was too. Then there was another similar vacation, albeit only for Adam, Naomi, and me, further back when the same extended family lived in Cambridge instead. The memorable part of that didn't happen until the very end though, and to tell the truth, I don't much like to think back on it anyways now that I know why we were sent away for, oh, a week I think it was. Suffice it to say I still remember hearing "I was starting to feel like a bachelor again" from Dad when they arrived to pick us up, so as I said in the previous paragraph, yeah. It wasn't a bad thing, per se, but learning of it after the fact was.

Anyways, there's no sense reminiscing for the rest of the night, so it's time I was getting back to more current concerns. For one, just as I did back at the beginning of July, I sent out five more messages to the people I'm commissioning about an hour ago to check for progress. The one reply I've received so far has been about my tail, to say that it just needs to be sewn together and will be taken to the post office on Wednesday. Fair enough, and I assume I'll be waiting until tomorrow to hear from anybody else. Including the artist I'll be getting those new icons from, but I didn't send them a message, as I just got around to giving them the icon details earlier tonight. All in all, there's one person I won't care if I don't hear from again. I'd like to, but if not, it's of no consequence anymore, for they're now subject to the same idea of being left feedback representative of my business with them up to that point, if they haven't responded by the end of, oh, I think September sounds good. Number two, I found torrents for the rest of what George wants earlier today. They've added on another 35GB to what I'll already be downloading for him, so if we do both see this through to the end, I will be asking for ten or twenty dollars. More than a fair trade, considering what's involved.

Third and final, and also a bit more obvious, I still have some tidying up to do here, and I'd rather take care of it now than wait until tomorrow afternoon when I have an impending close with Steve. I do find myself wishing more and more these days that I could just close with George. He's like Manoah would be if he was still on closes, but I have neither the time nor space to be making all sorts of comparisons right now. It is time to go clean~

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