Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Makes More Sense

I'm beginning to notice little details that didn't seem important enough to consider anymore. Most importantly, how Adam gave me money for the internet for both this month and next last week. At first glance that'd simply be easier to do than having to get change for a twenty, like I said back then, but thinking about it in another light now, maybe it's because he's going away to stay with Trish and Ericka for another month or so. At supper on Saturday, he mentioned how tomorrow (Sunday) would be his last day at work, and Mom made a comment about him being a hard worker right up to the end, but that's interesting. He can't possibly be planning to completely move down there so soon, but I thought the extent of these trips was him going to visit them first, followed by them coming up here to stay with us for a month, before returning home until they were able to work out the rest of the details and make arrangements, ending in Adam moving down to live with them. What's more, on the little list of planned meals for supper in the kitchen, Tuesday is listed as a surprise, so maybe, just maybe, that'll be the last day they're here until sometime in September, and something special is being done to see them off. I don't know yet. I'd completely forgotten they were taking another trip up to Sarnia again today as well, but like the last time this happened, I have no special plans to speak of at all.

In fact, about the only thing I actually need to do is respond to one of these emails with what I want for my second commission. Of the five I sent out yesterday night, three have responded, but I like the other two more. One of the artists already told me they expect to have my picture done closer to the end of the month, but as for the other, I like to imagine them scrambling to finish the shading proof they said they'd have for me within the time limit I requested last month. That was by the end of July, and here we are with nothing, but yeah. All of these people. And this person in particular is the one who first told me that I could feel free to give them a tip at the end, but I've mentioned all there is to be said about that before. As for the three who did respond, one was about my tail, and was already mentioned yesterday (it'll be going out / I should get a picture of it on Wednesday), another essentially repeated what I said about the background, and the third, which involves the cover for my story, was to the effect of coloring and leaving out certain details that neither of us have decided on quite yet, and as for the story itself, at last notice it was up to ~2,000 words in length. Oh, and then there's that new person now that I'll be getting those icons from eventually, but unless I hear otherwise from them, I'll assume I'm waiting to see the sketches first.

I think I'm off to go start getting ready for work a little early though. I don't plan to leave before 4, but among other things, season 1 of the original Dr. Who series is done downloading, so I want to back it up. At the moment I have just enough space on my 1TB external drive to hold all of them, but even with that in mind, it's taken about a week (minus a day) to download the first season, and when there are 26 seasons in the original series torrent alone? That's almost half a year worth of downloading, but to think about it in another light, I've been waiting on certain commissions for just about that long as well. I'll have to let him (George) know about the downloading today though, but that won't happen until 5. I have other things to do first~

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