Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Been a Month Already

Three times I've gone downstairs hoping to find somebody there to answer my questions today, and only this one most recent saw Dad and got some answers. For one, Adam, Trish, and Ericka are on their way back to Arkansas now. I still don't know how long for in Adam's case, but if he's truly left his job they must be getting pretty close to something more permanent than month-long visits, and also I, at some point today, will have to drag the mattress from the spare room back up here, which is going to be oh so enjoyable with my bed in front of the door this time. In fact, it will have to be pulled out some, which will require the mattress to be in my room first. Otherwise my tables will get in the way of the door, and I won't be able to open it much less move something far more bulky and awkward around. Still, it's worth asking if I'm sad that they're gone. Sort of, because I'd become used to seeing people in the living room at all times of the day, but give it another few days - at least long enough for me to get into Super Mario Galaxy 2 - and it being empty will seem normal instead. As for this surprise supper, Mom, Dad, and Naomi are going to Country View Golf Course. I do have the choice of joining them as well, but the first thing that came to mind when he said that was "How will going there affect what I can eat today?" I don't necessarily want to go out for snacks later what with still having enough left over from the weekend, but am thoroughly tired of this eating almost an entire day worth of food before midnight that has been so prevalent lately. They're leaving at 6 though, so maybe I will still go and asked to be dropped off at Money Mart on the way back so I can put $20 on my card then walk the rest of the way home.

In the meantime, I'm just finally finishing up freeing some more space that will eventually be needed for George's downloads. While that previously broken external drive seems to be working fine again now, I still don't trust it, so I copied its entire contents to my other laptop. That allowed me to safely delete the ~60GB folder from this one, then delete all the other stuff from my torrents partition and move all of my finished downloads over there so they could continue seeding. Unfortunately, a change in partition is significant enough to make uTorrent re-check all of the files, so I first had about ten torrents in the queue to be checked, but they're now all finished and I have about 140GB of free space on the partition my downloads folder is stored on instead. George says he does plan to buy an external drive, but instead of telling me when, he always trails off to how his friend gave him an old laptop, and how he went to Future Shop to buy a 4GB stick of RAM for it, only to learn that when the laptop specs say "expandable up to 2GB", you really and truly can only install up to 2GB. Or so I would presume. There has to be some workaround for it (if not more than one), but something like that would have to be beyond any typical user's experience level.

As for other matters, I received one more reply to those emails I sent out on Saturday, this one to say that they were on vacation with a friend, but would send what they have finished when they get back. That just leaves one more yet (which I literally just (at the exact moment I finished typing "yet") received a response to), and now that I have their reply, it says they're still working on the revised sketch, but will get it done as soon as possible. I like how they also chose to mention that the "sketch usually takes the longest, so the rest should be done soon after". I suppose that could be true, but is it not also a little too convenient? Oh, and I still haven't received a reply about those icons, but they do have the money so that's done with, and before the night is out I have some more details to send off to somebody else.

I think the most important thing for now though is to try and move my bed out of the way, so here goes nothing. Maybe it will take the full hour and a half~

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