Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That Was a Fun Dream

I can't remember the start of course, but I was on my way home in some different city, along a wider-than normal street. Instead of just walking along the sidewalk though, I thought it would be fun to go through the peoples' houses. After all, it was still extremely early in the morning, so most of them would either be out or still asleep. To clarify as well, each house had two doors, one on each side, and they all lined up almost perfectly. So along I went, with no problems to mention, but then in the last house walked up a short flight of stairs to what would've been a kitchen, and looked over the counter to my right to see two guys standing there. I whispered to them (in an even more quiet than a whisper voice) about just being on my way home, and how I'd leave right away, but they laughed to themselves, and asked each other "How did we forget to lock the doors?" They didn't say a word to me for what it's worth, but I continued on outside anyways, and out there, saw a police car and several cops out front, along with a reporter and news van to accompany them, so I first asked myself "What did I walk into?", immediately followed by my mind flashing back to the two guys in the house. They were cops as well, and were investigating something that I don't think was either mentioned or otherwise made known. Anyways, instead of asking what was going on, I thought it better to get out of there as quickly and quietly as possible, but sure enough, as soon as I started down the stairs, the reporter started counting down, and I was left with the amusing thought of, should I not get out of there in time, would I be seen walking away when the report was aired? I got at least a block away too, but then heard somebody shouting "Wait!" behind me, so I considered but for a moment whether I should pretend I didn't hear them and keep walking, or stop and turn around. I did the latter, and upon catching up, she said "I love you! You're so random!" followed by "Hey, if you hold that" (my tail) "up, I'll get you!". "Get", in this case would obviously mean "take a picture of", and as for the rest of the dream, it ended right there.

Somewhat opposite to that, about the only thing of interest that happened last night was a couple people up ahead of me trying to be clever. As was just noted, they were on the sidewalk ahead of me, and yet were still barking. Then when once I made my way up past them, they started giggling, followed by meowing and hissing, and me walking even faster just to get away from them. In itself nothing unusual, but I don't see why one would continue to do that when they can see I'm not reacting in the first place. All I cared about then was getting to Money Mart then work, but at least those two went somewhat better. I have more than enough for either monthly charge on my card now, and work was busy in a satisfying way. For the first several hours I was extremely quiet, which normally would be a sign that I'm unhappy with the way things are going, but also last night was because I wasn't feeling well. Still, about five hours into my shift the customers finally stopped coming, and then all the extra cleaning started. People are or were to supposed to be making an inspection of the store today, so many things and much extra stuff got done. Including one task that hadn't been even considered since June, which I was the most recent one to do before last night at that, but yeah. We didn't get out until quarter after 3, but by that point I didn't care about the time, and George and I went to 7-11 before parting ways, so that was fun as well. Moreso because I still have ~$1,070, and am waiting for another certain monthly charge to be extracted on the tenth before I go out for more snacks. Or maybe I won't wait quite that long, but unless I'm able to get all ten and a half levels of free mode done in Picross DS tonight, there'll be none of that.

Before anything else though, I have dishes to take downstairs, and some laundry to go put in the dryer so I get it done early for once. A shower is worth consideration too, but I don't think so yet today. In cleaning at work last night, I spilled some extremely hot water down my leg, creating two fair sized blisters right on my ankle. Mind you, I sort of feel that was worth it because I found a loonie in the grate over the drain in the floor I was cleaning, but that's not terribly important anymore. I'll get to cleaning myself up later tonight, if not before work tomorrow~

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