Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Proofreading is So Enjoyable

Fun things to be doing when I should be well on my way to sleep. I received the first part of my story earlier today, and thanks to drinking another can of Pepsi which has given me far too much energy, I'm going through it right now to see what changes and tweaks need to be made. Thus far I feel extremely fussy, but so be it. There's no way I'll be finishing tonight anyway (I'll be going to bed after this), so I can always look at it from a fresh point of view tomorrow and see if any of what I said needs to be reworded. More fun than what I'm doing right now though was waiting for it to be 7:50 outside of work earlier. Just before leaving I saved the draft as a text file and put it on my PSP, then upon reaching the comfort and shade of the trees, read through some of it instead of playing PSPRevolution. Mostly reading aloud to myself to see how it sounded, and far too frequently looking up at the sky and laughing (in a good way) about some part or another, but I enjoyed it <3 Although it wouldn't hurt to mention that the weather helped a great deal as well. First time since the beginning of summer that it's been quite so cool and awesomely overcast, and the fact that the parking lot was packed was nice too. I like it better when it's busy, but not when people are walking around outside making noise. Or rather I like the feeling of being enclosed in my own little area, which obviously isn't possible on other nights when there are only one or two customers inside.

As for the story draft itself though, I could post that, but no. Not only would it be in a protected entry, in the same way I upload all commission sketches to my protected gallery, but it's also far from finalized, and I'd need to finish looking through it and marking things that need to be changed before copying it into this text box. It might also go without saying that I haven't even started looking up dates and everything else for all of my other commissions to put in that list, but tomorrow sounds better. Especially because I have no plans aside from getting snacks, and I've been waiting all week to do that. If it were earlier tonight I would still be planning to walk up to Taco Bell with the money Brandon asked to borrow (we've had no dealings of that sort before, but I'm mostly confident he can be trusted), but I went there before 11 earlier tonight, which means that's all done with. In fact, I have no unexpected business at work to deal with until the 17th, and that's only for a staff meeting. I wrote my name in the column to be part of the 3pm group, but am going back now and thinking about switching it to 9am instead so I can just stay up and have that taken care of early instead of having to wake up sooner than I would on a day off which would throw everything into temporary disarray. Regardless of what I decide, this meeting will almost certainly involve the new rule taking effect on the 22nd. From then on all food handlers will be required to wear gloves, so I'm hoping we hear how this came about, and also that we aren't expected to complete a portions test this time. We'll see in just over a week, at any rate.

In the meantime, I think I'm just about done for the night. No reply regarding those icons yet, but there's always a chance of having a new message tomorrow, and I think I'll read the rest of my story (that's done so far) before I go to bed. That is, if I don't think of anything else to do~

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