Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

How Long is a Meeting?

With any luck, by this time tomorrow our staff meeting at work will be long done. I'm still fairly opposed to the idea of waking up at 1, but before too long I'll be doing the same for Heart and Stroke again, so it wouldn't hurt to start getting used to it early. The meeting on a whole is still uncertain though, because only five people have written their names on it. Whatever the case, I'm told we'll be getting paid for the hour or so that we're there, and I can just as easily get my pay stub then instead of having to go out later in the evening. At least I'd better not, because I'd hate for it to be like the week before last where I ended up spending the entire night reinstalling XP instead. Now if only I could convince Brandon and Manoah to both pay me back then... This being the first pay of the month doesn't help either, of course, but all I absolutely need to buy are two more boxes of cereal on Thursday, and the rest is optional. George will probably want to go to 7-11 tonight though (he asked yesterday night and I told him no, that I'd just been out there the day before), but I do still have ~$7 in my wallet, so I can use that. A couple chocolate bars and a bag of chips should be a nice, small snack.

Then after that, it'll be like I'm getting a head start on the end of the month. Aside from needing to go there for an hour or so tomorrow, I have Tuesday through Thursday off, at the expense of having to work five shifts in a row afterward. I am looking forward to Friday, because I intend to finally go through with these plans to get a few treats at Dairy Queen, tucking them away in the freezer, and bringing them out to share after the other staff have gone home and things are somewhat caught up. Until the weather starts cooling down and I can make those oatmeal cookies again without them falling apart in the heat, that'll have to do. Although now that I'm thinking about all the things we've done in the past like that, I can remember one night where Kevin, I think, was sent down the street to get slurpees. Something like that would be fun to do again as well, but a bit more difficult now that most of our spare time is spent catching up on other work instead of goofing off like having more staff on closes previously allowed us to do. And again, here I go with all the reminiscing. It's quite impossible to go back to those days, but oh, how I wish I could <3

Moving back to the present, I'm still struggling to find other things to do, at least today. I have two commissions that need to be reviewed and the artists responded to (one is the revised first part of my story, and the other is a piece of art), but I'm waiting until I get to work to do those, so I can sit outside under the trees just like I did before. It looks quite overcast as well today, but unlike last time, it probably won't be nearly as cool. There's no sense in me sitting here talking about the weather though, so I'm off to put those files on my PSP then maybe work on Picross DS. Last time I touched it, level 4 of free mode was done, and I was two puzzles into level 5, so maybe it'll be done by the end of the month. Certainly better than Pic Pic, but it all depends on how many more days I have like this where I can't find anything to do. Well, I've already said I have some things, so yeah. I'll stop now, before I contradict myself any further~

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