Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Might Actually Buy This

One of the sites I monitor via RSS updated yesterday to include a new entry for this program in their list. I downloaded it thinking that, while it sounded useful I wouldn't want any extra programs on here that try to control my internet connection (We-Fi was horrid for that), and I would probably uninstall it before leaving for work. However, out of either forgetting to or not having enough time, I was pleased to come home and see the three torrents I have running downloading at a minimum of 30kB/s. They've been pretty steady too, on occasion going up to over 100, but they also drop down to lower speeds such as right now, when they're going at 30kb/s combined. Still, it's proven useful, and the trial is good for 30 days, so I'll think about it. Fast speeds are really only useful for torrents, but as I'm usually always downloading something, or, as is the case right now will be downloading the set of files that George wants for well over two months, it would be nice to have. Or I could go the other route and find a torrent for the full version of that program itself, but I don't think I could be that greedy.

Outside of that, the first thing of note today is how I'm here right now instead of at work. And up until ~9pm yesterday night, I was quite firmly set in my plans to have my alarm wake me up at 1, and leave for Taco Bell at 2. But then Orlando got sent home early, and as he was heading out I asked "I assume you'll be at the 3pm meeting tomorrow?", only to be told by Steve that the meeting is, in fact, not until next Tuesday, which I hadn't noticed before. Certainly saves me some trouble, and it was a great relief knowing nothing would get in the way of my days off. The first of which I've done nothing much with, I might add. For most of last week and the beginning of this one, I've been expecting a commission in the mail. It's the full picture the icon I'm using right now comes from, for reference, and my hopefulness that it would come "tomorrow" was getting to the point that I'd have dreams about going downstairs to find a package on the kitchen counter, which would make everything well again. After today it is, and I'm genuinely surprised at having received both the sketch and finished painting <3 I still need to leave feedback for them on Furbid, of course, but along with that I have replies to send to those two people mentioned yesterday as well, all of which I'll get to before heading out to pick up my pay stub.

Another thing which I'm looking forward to this week, because I have to withdraw $260 for Mom and Dad, but as I'm below $800 now, there's a feeling of "It doesn't matter how much I spend. I have more than enough in there." A (temporary) change from trying to remain above $1,000, is what I'm trying to get at. There is an obvious downside to that, of course, being how one could apply the same logic to spending money on food somewhere, but I don't think I'll go out tonight. George and I did indeed take a trip to 7-11 yesterday (something which is becoming a regular occurrence for closes we work with each other on), so I can't properly go there again so soon, and donuts from Tim Hortons would be nice, but I only want one specific type (Candy Bar Supreme), and that's only because I like the soft donut + crunchy M&Ms texture. No matter though. I would still prefer to eat too little rather than too much, and one of these nights (probably tomorrow since I won't have anywhere else to go), I will head out someplace.

In the meantime, commission revision responses are calling, and with any luck, all three of those will be done with by 5. Last time I went through and proofread the story it was closer to a couple hours, but as in any other case, we'll see~

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