Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Do Enjoy Being Thorough

Even more now I find myself thinking "George had better appreciate all the work I'm going to", but in all likelihood, when the remaining 24 seasons of Doctor Who finally finish downloading, he'll bring his laptop over here one night, we'll watch the progress bar for a good hour as the files copy over, and he'll go home, having no idea of just what I've done for him. In particular, renaming every single file so all the names are consistent, and grouping them as closely as I could into seasons, going by Wikipedia's page. For the first, all the filenames follow a pattern of "S[x].E[y].P[z] [a]", where x is the season number, y is a three-digit episode number, z, while optional, is the part-of-episode number, and finally a is the episode title. Then as for grouping them into seasons, the folders I have now go all the way up to season 34. To be fair they really don't go that high, but I don't know nearly enough about the show or how the episodes are grouped to divide them into these apparent series. All I know is that there are classic episodes, which are what his Mom is after, followed by more current episodes, which started airing back in 1995 or so. Makes no difference to me though, because I'm happy with them as they are, and everything, aside from the seasons that still have to be downloaded, has been renamed and tucked away in the proper folder. What does still bother me about all of this is that I'll have to wait until the rest are almost done to ask him about compensation, but considering how long it's going to be, I may very well have forgotten by then. I'm not even sure when the next time I see him will be, but updates aren't that important just yet. Unless he wants something to watch in the meantime

Speaking of updates, I got one regarding my story tonight, and true to the past two times, have sent off yet another email with a few more tweaks. Everything is fairly solid, but I can't abide the feeling of "If I don't correct this, it's going to bother me every time I read this part". Apparently I'll be credited for helping with the writing in the final draft, which I suppose is neat, but still only secondary to what I'm actually going for. Unfortunately, there's quite literally nothing to mention regarding any of my other commissions, including the most recent one that I was supposed to be getting some new icons from. I may have mentioned it already, but in their last response they said they'd get back to me in more detail "later tonight", which was back on the sixth. I don't care if we have to take it one icon at a time. Like I say about everybody else, some form of tangible progress (aside from "Received your payment. Thanks!") would be very helpful.

Getting away from these bad things though (for I don't want to be in a foul mood just before I go to bed), I've mostly enjoyed my night. Going to 7-11 was quite rewarding, and upon getting home, I decided I didn't want to go right back upstairs again, so I went into the kitchen and made chocolate chip muffins. With a package of muffin mix, of course, but it was a fun, different thing to do <3 It's hard to explain, but ever since Adam left again I've been feeling like I want to become a little bit more involved in things around here, and simple stuff like baking a treat and washing the dishes afterward is quite sufficient. The only downside to it (aside from the fact that I liked where I was before and am somewhat alarmed at how things are changing now) is that going out for treats and baking muffins has given me enough energy to still be wide awake right now. Not good when we have to go grocery shopping in the afternoon, but I'll probably be heading to bed soon anyway. Everything is done for another night, so it would be better to, lest I find some other task~

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