Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Bad Luck is Starting Early

I suppose it's almost cliched these days to point out Friday the 13th, but even so, yesterday was Thursday the 12th, and I think more went wrong then than could possibly go awry today.

Starting at a random point, I walked home from Real Canadian Superstore, of course, this week not going to Dollarama or Walmart for snacks, because I had all of three dollars and twenty five cents in cash, which might not even be enough to buy a box of Timbits anymore, let alone other things. Further to that though, my plans were to stop at Taco Bell, chat with whoever was working, and get my money from Manoah. As it would turn out, however, he didn't work today. Thankfully, I received an email from him some hours after that about how he heard I was in looking for him, and had my money but was going to wait until tomorrow to give it to me, since we're both closing. Fine by me, and with any luck I'll be able to get all $220 that I'm owed in one night, but that was only the first bad thing.

The second happened much earlier today, right after I woke up, in fact. On my way down the stairs I noticed a fairly large, white box on the counter, and as I got closer saw my name on it. Surely it couldn't be my replacement tail already, but it was, in fact, although that's where the good part of this example stops, at least temporarily. Inside the box I found a tail that was not only still somewhat shorter than the one I was looking to replace, but was also pointed at the end, when either the second or third message I sent them was to the effect of asking for it to have a rounded tip. I figured it couldn't hurt to at least try though, so I walked around with it while we were out getting groceries, and home after that. Or rather I should say we got into the car at first, where I nearly closed the door on it, because there wasn't enough tail to tuck under my leg and keep from slipping. I can't remember much more happening with it after that, but skip ahead to about 10pm, and I was going through all of my commission emails, replying where necessary, and archiving the rest. The only one I didn't get to right away had to do with the tail, and just about half an hour ago now took close to ten minutes trying to come up with a dispassionate yet proper way to say "This still isn't right. Would you mind if I sent it back again?"

Finally, go way way back to 10am this morning, well before I even got up for the day. I woke up and, of course, opened my laptop to check for new emails, only to see it apparently frozen on the screensaver. Pressing buttons and tapping the touchpad wouldn't work, so I turned it off, and when I pressed the power button again after that, it wouldn't boot. Until I turned it off and on again, that is, but one of my tasks earlier was to back everything up again, because assuming I was about to start having more problems, I wasn't about to lose all the files stored on my desktop. Mostly music and story drafts, but I have them there for a reason, so it's not like they're of no significance.

Bearing all of those in mind though, they did have fairly happy endings. As mentioned in the first paragraph, I'll be getting my money from Manoah tomorrow night, and not having any for supper was remedied by Mom buying Pizza. Moving onto my tail, I've already received a response saying they're really sorry and "feel like an idiot for not getting it right again", so now I'll also be going to Shoppers before work tonight. I may have to leave earlier than normal though, because I want to get a few treats from Dairy Queen, but specific plans can wait until then. Finally, in regards to my laptop, I've already backed everything up, as noted, and there's also a second way to temporarily fix the problems - don't reboot. I try not to, to the point of stopping the Windows Updates service when it starts popping up message boxes about needing to restart. Not much can be done in cases like earlier today where it completely freezes, but I'm pretty sure it's the first time that's happened since I bought this laptop. Hopefully a one-time thing, in other words. Oh, and also in the computer-related category, I bought cFosSpeed. Apparently I have to wait one to two days yet, but I might as well now, while I don't have as many qualms about spending money.

As for the rest, I'm off to play a game now where things will hopefully go right. Well, not before responding to this newest reply about the tail, that is~

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