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Karadur Inacu 

Going Early is Fun Too

Had several things to take care of before I went to work tonight. The first was going to the bank to deposit a $65 check I got in the mail today. Looking back now I had just over $1,000 after dealing with that, but I would end up having other expenses to deal with. My second destination was Shoppers, where I sent out that replacement-replacement tail at an expense of ~$12 this time. I still have to send them a message to say "It's out, and let me know when it gets there" though, because this time I'm giving them a complete, and ideally thorough explanation for them to work from instead of hoping they remember what I asked for back in my first couple messages. It won't get there for a couple weeks yet, unfortunately, but that's the standard shipping time for something to go to the states, so I can wait. Getting back on track though, after that I had one of two options for what to do next. My plans before leaving the house were to walk out to Walmart and / or Dollarama, since I didn't buy anything there on Thursday, and had left the house at 6, which should've given me close to two hours to walk out, back, and rest in the (relative) shade before starting work. But despite those plans, I ended up not going, because it was 6:30 by the time I left Shoppers, and I didn't think I'd have enough time. Instead, I went across the street to Dairy Queen for treats to share with the other closers later on in the night, and from there to Tim Hortons where I bought a sandwich and donut for supper, which I took just down the street to the parking lot at work, and ate right where I normally sit to rest before my shift starts <3

All in all a nice difference to the night, but something odd did come up just before I sat down to eat. Somebody had thrown a jug of prune extract (I think) along with a can of sliced mushrooms and a can of chicken broth into the bushes next to the front parking lot. Strange if nothing else, but the prune juice, let's call it and chicken broth are in the back by the microwave, and I took the mushrooms for myself because I have a feeling they might be good on a grilled cheese. And was that a terribly disgusting thing for me to have done? Not at all. The items were unopened (even the juice), and aside from some dirt on the jug and denting of the cans, good as new. I keep trying to convince Mom that cans of soup won't taste different just because they have dents in them, and it's true. I can see them not looking very appealing, but in this case it's better than letting them go to waste. Besides, I probably wouldn't be willing to spend money on mushrooms normally, so this way I get a free can to test my idea with, and see if it's any good. I just still wonder how those things came to be there. Oh well. They really aren't that valuable.

Work itself was pretty much the standard definition of a too-busy night, but stepping back from what specifically happened, I do have a specific subset of things to write about. Money-related matters to be specific, which are all down below.

a] Something a bit removed from work to start off with. I completely forgot it was the 13th today so I had to wait until I got home from work to check, but I am finally, at long last, being charged only $7.50 a month for my Visa, so I suppose another thanks is in order, Munedust. While it may be a bit cliched, I like how the easiest solution turned out to be the one that worked.

b] Due to simple miscommunication (or so I hope), I missed Brandon at work tonight, or rather he wasn't there at all. Apparently he has the weekend off, and I won't see him until Sunday, but I suppose I can wait until then. It also shows that no situation is exempt from the rule, because as I was drifting in and out of sleep yesterday morning, I found myself thinking about how I could finally get my money from him "tomorrow", only for it not to happen. On the better side though, Manoah paid me back so I'll go to the bank tomorrow before work and make up for the $100 I transferred to savings just before starting this entry. That also brings me to my next point.

c] Manoah wants to borrow some more money. This time, however, the total is much higher than before. I think the most I've ever lent him was $200, but how about five times that? Yes indeed, he wants to borrow $1,000 in order to get braces or some other sort of orthodontic operation he mentioned every now and then before being put on day shifts. I told him to give me a couple weeks to think about it - until our next pay - but my mind is mostly made up already. Sure, as long as we put it in writing on something more formal than just a scrap piece of paper, and I get somebody else - his Mom or Tryphena, for example - to sign it as well. I need some sort of insurance, even if only of the passive sort for such a substantial sum. I like the way I came to the decision though. Mostly realizing that, as I see it, the total amount in my savings is just a number. I like to see it get higher, for obvious reasons, but it still doesn't seem like real money. In complete fairness it isn't, and "real" only holds up until you realize that Canadian dollars are but one currency among many, but being particular like that doesn't change the base fact(s) any. And going back to the arrangements with Manoah, it shouldn't even need to be said that we'll definitely be meeting at the bank to conduct that business. No way am I going to carry $1,000 cash around in my wallet. That's just asking for trouble.

Anyways, there are several other things I had wanted to get to, but it's just about 7 in the morning so I won't be after all. Mostly just how people in the drive through know me despite being complete strangers from my point of view (and meow as they're pulling away), along with some drunk girl both Orlando and Manoah knew asking if she could wear my tail. No. To be quite frank, go get your own. That's one thing I will not even consider anymore. As for future plans though, there aren't many until Monday night, and I'm not going to explain them now, because there are still two days between now and then. But I am definitely off to bed. I would quite like to sleep in an hour or two later tomorrow~

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