Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

9am is Becoming Very Tempting

I've been going over my plans for Tuesday in my mind, and have come to the decision that if I can stay up until 8am after work on Monday, I will and go to the early staff meeting. Even at risk of falling asleep, I'd rather my involvement with it was taken care of as soon as possible, and I should hope very few other closers will be there so early, and I'd rather avoid being there at the same time as them. Besides, I also haven't been to McDonalds for breakfast in quite a while, and that would be a nice incentive. In preparation I will (hopefully) be staying awake until at least 7am tonight, but considering we didn't leave work until quarter to five, and I've had a can of pop since getting home, I should well be able to do that. And tomorrow night too, of course, but I have more than one thing to do then. Work on Picross DS, respond to commission emails, and generally take advantage of being done at 11 instead of closing. It's not that I mind it, especially with needing to speak further with Manoah about the request he made yesterday night (explain my terms and conditions, more or less), but two weekend closes is quite enough. Not sure what it is about concerts in the park or light rain showers that make people so eager to get fast food, but both have been factors these past two nights.

Still on the topic of work for another paragraph, thanks to the customer who accused me of not giving them their change tonight. Because of you I was $4 short, and the only reason I didn't say anything was because I was trying to do several things at once, and honestly couldn't remember if I'd given you your $4.02 or not. I make a habit of giving out a toonie and two loonies whenever people need $4 in change, however, and I could remember doing that. At least most of the other customers were pleasant. And true to last night a couple meowed as they were driving away once again, but yeah. I suppose I should be more surprised that you recognize me in my work uniform instead of regular clothes. Including two people right at the end of the night who recognized me from church? Do you know how long ago that was? I remembered the woman after she told me her name, but as for the man, no. Just kind of weird. Then at the end of the night I got a ride home from James for the very first time, but we went to McDonalds first because Manoah wanted a hamburger, and both James and I passed up the opportunity to get something for free. Probably good in my case, because there were five pieces of BBQ chicken waiting for me at home, which are all gone now. Both good and bad, but I'm probably going to forgo visiting 7-11 or Tim Hortons tomorrow, at least until I've eaten supper, but come to think of it going there around 2 in the morning would be fun <3 We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I think I'll work on Picross DS for however much longer I can stay awake. It's kind of amusing to note how I finished level 7 of free mode earlier today, but haven't so much as lifted a finger to take screenshots of the solutions. At this rate though, it might just be more effective to make two once they're all finished, one for normal mode, and the other for free. The puzzles themselves are pretty simple, even at 20×20 (haven't made it to 25×25 yet), but that says nothing for how much longer they'll take me to do. At any rate, maybe I can finish the first row of level 8 before I call it a night~

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